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After the update....many of us struggling with the "errors" that occurred!!!
But some "errors" also been fixed!!!
But nothing will "stop" me from showing my LOVEsssss to T.O.P TTT.O.P!!!!
I said "nothing"!!!!!
Let's all "fighting"!!!!!! we will get over those "errors" soon!!!!
Please support our TOP Community Marathon Event!!!! Even I know some of you might not able to open the cards!!!! (like me)
But we are trying our best to host this Event before TOP's Enlisting!!!! (I know...I know... Let's keep our tears away!!! and SMILE for him)
And I be "watching" and wait for his Comeback soon!!!

***All My ToToTOP supporters, please help to link your marathon cards on the "comments" as I am not able to open all your cards****

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I have to say it the most interesting person I have seen with art and his facial expressions.
Yup!! he is "one of the kind".....!!!