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Hello everyone!!

Today were are starting the 30 Day CNBLUE Challenge that the lovely @VeronicaArtino made for us!! The supports and I will be doing this challenge and we encourage the rest of you to join in with us!!

This will be our first ever challenge in the CNBLUE community and I'm so excited for it!! It looks like a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to what else we'll be bringing to you guys later in the future~

So for the first day the question is: What song got you into CNBLUE?

Well, "Love Girl" was my fist song that I ever listened to by CNBLUE.

I was encouraged to check out the group after watching Yonghwa on Running Man and this was the first video that I came across while looking up CNBLUE. At first, i just thought the video was cute and Yonghwa was freaking adorable, but after having it stuck in my head all the time I realized that I really did like the song.

I also listened to "Cinderella" which really made me fall in love with the group, and "Feel Good" which I didn't like at first either but then I aso realized that it was a good song. To be honest, "Cinderella" was probably the song that really caught my attention but I didn't hate "Love Girl" after I listened to it, and it was one of the main songs that encouraged me to come back to CNBLUE.

And now look at where I am, I'm completely head over heels for these boys and I'm also the mod for the community!! I think that must mean something then C:

"Love Girl" was the song that got me into CNBLUE, so which song pulled you into the fandom?

Or I mean...You can do the challenge along with us and tag us in the cards so we can learn all about your obsession with CNBLUE~!! And odn't worry, we're obsessed too C;

Well, see you all tomorrow for Day 2 of the CNBLUE Challenge!!

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I will do this. Posting a card soon.
Yay!! I'm glad you're joining us~!! C:
Oh wtf there a challenge
Omo ya 😂😂😂 We mentioned this in the chat 😂😂😂😂