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Hello Blinkies!! WAH YES YOU HEARD RIGHT!! Well more like read, whatever lol We will be teaming up with Boys Republic, Got7 and SF9 in the Valentine's Day fanfic event! Thank you so much @MelissaGarza for letting us join in on the fun!
The rules are simple. 1. Must be Valentine's themed, obviously 2. Must be a one shot and PG-PG13 3. Gotta have one or all of the girls in the fic, it's up to you! 4. It can be lovey dovey, diabetes inducing from all the sweet fluff OR it can be angsty where you end up surrounded by tubs of ice cream. You got choices fam. 5. You are allowed to enter in each community. So get those creative brains going! 6. PLEASE make sure to post in a RELEVANT community, you can't write about Blackpink and post it in the Got7 community.

The event starts February 1st and ends February 14! We will be announcing the winners on the 16th

And be sure to tag the mod squad! @MelissaGarza @Luna1117 @VKookie47 @turntuptae
Now here's where it's different, well kinda? Since this is a girl group you have the choice to make this any thing you want. You can have your Blackpink x [insert boy group name here] ship SAIL YES YOU REALLY CAN!! OR You can make this a best friends thing where you hang out with one of the girls, or they confess to their first love or they have a crush on their back up dancer... this can go on forever. Basically you got options to do what you'd like with the story, just be mindful of the rules.
Prizes! The usual lol Bias wallpaper Bias spam Or a one shot!

Good luck everyone!

I'll try my best but I really don't know anything about black pink
Thanks for joining us 😊
Oh I'm so excited for this! lol I haven't gotten to write a fan fiction for a girl group, nows an opportunity! 😁😁
Omg yes please do! 😆
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