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Hello everyone!!

Welcome to part 2 of my theory for "The 23 Teasers" If you missed part 1 then I strongly recommend you go and check that out before continuing on. Oh, and checking out my EXO theories in order would also be really helpful ^-^

Missed out on my other theories? Don't worry, I got your back!

-EXO Theories

The Teasers

*If you have not watched the video before then I recommend that you do, so that the theory makes more sense!!*

So for this card I will be describing how the teasers relate to my theory. I'll try to keep this shorter, but since there are so many teasers and so many details to catch. Well... no promises there.

Teaser 1: This dream/teaser is showing Kai, and I believe it's representing the future and past. If you notice the car, its licence plate is Baker 221B, which is the address for the infamous Sherlock Holmes. At first, Kai is dressed up like Holmes as a way to show that he's searching or learning about this society. Then when the scene shifts after showing the pocket watch, it shows the past and present. The past is Kai in white where he's pure and the streets are not flooded. But this could also be showing the future since the car is newer than the carriage, and this could be what the society is showing Kai: Something good. When Kai is in black it's showing the future and the things that he will have to struggle with against the society (the water) and the darkness (him wearing black). But, like I said, this one could be showing the past and instead is showing how the real world tried to drown him and he had a hard life, but now the society will help him up. Then Kai walks off, indicating that the society got to him, or that he thinks that he beat the society.

Teaser 2: This dream is showing Kai and Luhan and shows them in a red like cage thing. But I don't think it's representing them being trapped, but instead this dream is showing how they're changing, becoming more powerful. Like the society said they would make them. You can see all this through the intensity of their dancing, but whether or not they think of this as a good thing or a bad thing is....hard to tell. But I mean, it could be showing that the society has them trapped and Kai and Luhan are either fighting against them or don't even know that they're trapped in a cage.

Teaser 3: This dream has Tao in it and is showing Tao's martial arts abilities. The scene is similar to the one in "What Is Love," but rather than showing Tao fighting someone, it's showing him practicing. Tao's abilities were given to him by the society and this dream really shows just how powerful he has become. But the black clothes and black-reddish color of the scene could show a darker intent inside of Tao. Maybe he's one of the members who's truly been pulled into the society's grasp?

Teaser 4: This dream once again has Kai and it's the same scene as in the first teaser. Except in this one, it's only showing the scene where he's wearing white. Like I said before, this scene could either be showing the past or future. If it's showing the past then it might be showing why Kai decided to find the society. His movements are powerful but he keeps repeating them and then at the end it kind of shows him staggering a bit as he walks away. Maybe showing that he was bored before and didn't like how things were (or maybe it's showing how he use to be so weak?). But if it's showing the future then it's showing how the society is changing him and making him more powerful. And that's why he staggers off since the society is basically controlling him now.

Teaser 5: This dream is definitely showing how the society is changing and forming a new Kai. Making him much more powerful than he could have ever dreamed. The power and intensity of the dance and song shows them turning him into something else. The scene also kind of reminds me of a contamination zone, like it's suppose to show a testing place? Oh, and him wearing white (along with the background) can either indicate power or that the society is telling him that this will make him into something good? And then the intense glaring he did at the camera shows that he's turning into something....inhuman.

Teaser 6: So this dream once again shows Kai and it's pretty similar to the last teaser. He's dancing and showing how the society is changing him. But this time he is controlling light, and at times, wind. I think that Kai is suppose to be representing the other members as well, and not just himself, going through these changes. Or this dream is just showing the powers that they will acquire. In teaser 2 is seemed like they were showing off the power of strength as well.

Teaser 7: This dream is with Kai and Sehun and they're in an all white room, which kind of reminds me of teaser 5, minus the dirt ground. But the white clothing and background is just a bit similar. The two of them are mainly just dancing, once again showing that they're changing and becoming more powerful. The difference here though is their shadows are also seen following them on the walls (cause that's what shadows do... Cx) and I'm thinking that this could be showing that they are turning into something that's not human. The shadows representing the monsters that they're becoming because of the society.

Teaser 8: Wow, this dream is just....O.O So this teaser is kind of like the first one with Kai, except it's with Sehun and he's standing on a clock that's floating in the water. But there's also an eclipse happening behind him. In the "What Is Love" theory that I did I explained that the eclipse is linked to the society, kind of like their mark or their calling card or something. Sehun seems to be showing the power of water and time but it could also be similar to what the first teaser is showing, but now it's showing how the past is even further away from them since there's more water, but it could also show how now that we're further in time it can be how the society has trapped them and there's no way out anymore. Which would be why there's an eclipse and water surrounding Sehun. Then, like a reflection in the water, it shows the other members but with a reddish eclipse, while Sehun's stays white. This is obviously showing the members reflected in Sehun and that they're all trapped there, but Sehun could also be representing their past and their humanity (which I'm getting from the ending where he raises his arm like he's reaching for something, as well as the white eclipse) and the members are showing him that there's no turning back and they're already too far gone now to ever go back to their old lives. (The reflection is showing them as monsters and how they've changed, and that's why there's a red eclipse)

Teaser 9: Okay, this dream is more of a memory since it was in the "What Is Love" MV and this one is showing us Sehun and Luhan. This is the memory from when the two of them were looking for the society, aka looking for the eclipse which then leads them to the society. The only difference is that this one shows a clock and the clock says that it's about to be twelve. In teaser 8 it showed the clock pointing to twelve. Does this mean that the eclipse came at twelve and that's when their whole lives changed? Is this the time that the society came and took them all? That, and it could be representing the twelve EXO members whose lives were changed when the society came to take them away.

Teaser 10: Now this dream is showing us Lay and he's in like a warehouse kind of place. This teaser also has fire in it (indicating towards the power of fire). The teasers/dreams are probably showing us their different powers, like I said before, but it could also be how the society was testing all the different powers on the different members to see who fit which power the best (since we know already know that Lay gets the power of healing while Chanyeol gets the power of fire, so it's probably showing us the trial and error process). But there's also two masked figures dancing with Lay, and this could be showing one of the trials that Lay has to go through or it's indicating towards a job that the society makes him do. I'm not really sure what the job is, whether it's burning down the warehouse or killing the masked figures (since they do disappear near the ending) but it's probaby something malicious since the scenery is dark and Lay has a serious face the whole time (and because I don't think the society is made up of good guys doing things out of the goodness of their hearts)

Teaser 11: So this dream is another memory and is delving into more of how Kai and Xiumin were taken by the society (again this scene is shown in the "What Is Love" MV). Like I said before, I'm not really sure what's going on here. Since Kai and Xiumin don't seem concerned with the situation and who's after them, even when Kai tries running away and they block him. He even gives Xiumin a bro hug!! I'm thinking that they did something to get noticed by the society and the society finally found them. This is probably also indicating how the society took them all and how they showed up when the eclipse happened. Kai and Xiumin seemed like they wanted to get caught and are happy that the society found them. The blinking of one of the car's lights is probably indicating for them to get inside the car, which it doesn't seem like they'll be hesitant about.

Okay, I know there's 23 teasers but I had to split this card in half!!

I'm writing way too much and it's the only way I can really fit in the information that I need to. And there's 12 more teasers to write about!! So I have to cut this one entire theory into 4 parts instead of 3. If you're still interested, I will leave a link to part 3 once it comes out, which will be in 2 hours.

So if you're interested in what else I have to say about the rest of the theories than click here: "The 23 Teasers" Part 3

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