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Drive (An Exo Oneshot Part 3)

And I'm back with another part! Isn't that exciting! I also have part 4 written I just need to type it...and then there will be one or two more parts....I'm almost done I swear ㅋㅋㅋ

“What was that about?” Jongin asked, catching up to me and taking my hand in his.
“I dunno,” I frowned, “One second things were good, he was acting like he liked me and then…”
“And then?” Jongin prodded.
“And then Jongdae oppa came out yelling about leaving and he just kinda shut down,” I finished, “He just walked off…what’s that about?”
“I think he’s just unsure,” Jongin pursed his lips.
“Unsure he likes me or?” I rose an eyebrow.
“No, of course not,” Jongin shook his head, “He definitely likes you…he just isn’t sure how to show it.’
“You sure?” I asked as Jongin started to swing our hands between us.
“Positive,” Jongin smiled widely.
“So what?” I mused, “I’m just supposed to be ok with him blowing me off?”
“No of course not,” Jongin shook his head frantically, “Just know it’s cause he’s an idiot not because he doesn’t like you.”
I nodded and we continued to walk in silence, enjoying the nature around us. My exhaustion from lack of sleep soon caught up to me and I began dragging. Before I could say anything to anyone Baekhyun was coming in front of me and crouching down.
“Hop on,” He gestured to his back.
“What? No,” I shook my head, “Oppa I’m heavy.”
“No you’re not,” Jongin snorted, “You weigh next to nothing.”
“Get on, I’m fine,” Baekhyun insisted. I tried to protest again but Jongin pushed me onto Baekhyun’s back. Before I could move Baekhyun clamped his hands around my thighs and started walking.
“Ugh,” I groaned, burying my face in Baekhyun’s back, “You guys are obnoxious.”
“That’s why you love us,” Jongin replied and though I couldn’t see his face, I knew he was smirking. The little punk. We quickly reached the end of the trail and Baekhyun finally put me down.
“Thanks oppa,” I smiled gratefully.
“I could have done that you know,” Kris grumbled, suddenly appearing at my side.
“Sure,” I muttered sarcastically, “Except for the fact that you ditched me.”
“I didn’t ditch you,” Kris defended, “It’s not my fault you didn’t keep up.”
“Whatever, you left me,” I rolled my eyes, walking away. I just wanted to focus on the view and not Kris being stupid. And the view was amazing. We had hiked up to a waterfall and it was gorgeous up here. We were surrounded by lush green trees and the water was crystal clear.

I crouched down and ran my fingers through the water. I picked out a flat rock and stood up. To be honest I’m terrible at skipping rocks but we’ll see how this goes.
“Skipping rocks?” Lay asked, coming next to me and pulling a rock out of the water as well.
“Attempting,” I laughed, “I’m not very good at it.”
“Neither am I,” Lay shrugged before launching his rock. It skipped twice then flopped into the water. I laughed and threw my rock. Just like Lay’s it skipped twice and disappeared into the water. We continued to skip rocks for a few minutes, neither one of us very good.
Finally Lay spoke again, carefully this time, “You ok?”
“Fine,” I answered dismissively. Lay bit his lip, his brow furrowed in confusion as his dark eyes searched my face.
“I heard what Kris hyung said to you,” Lay told me.
“Oh,” I looked down.
“I’m sorry,” Lay apologized sincerely, taking my hands in his.
“It’s ok,” I shrugged, not looking into Lay’s warm eyes, knowing I would crumble instantly if I did.
“Stop lying,” Lay murmured as he pulled me into a hug, “Kris hyung is an idiot. You can say it.”
“Doesn’t change anything,” I chuckled.
“Yeah but it’ll make you feel a little better,” Lay offered, I laughed harder and pulled out of Lay’s embrace.
“Something like that,” I smiled fondly, as I patted Lay’s cheek. I sat down on a ledge that reached out over the water, my feet dangling beneath me. I sat by myself for a while watching the boys play and splash each other before Kris announced it was time to go. He didn’t look at me as he stalked off, clearly still upset about our earlier exchange. I rolled my eyes and huffed a breath before getting up and following behind all the boys. As soon as we reached the campsite Kris walked straight into his tent without a word to anyone. I shook my head and made my way over to the fire pit. After a few minutes I got a fire started and began directing the boys on what to do to get ready for dinner. I took a deep breath and let it out slowly, time to talk to Kris. I entered his tent to see him sitting on his sleeping bag, his face in his hands. He looked up and our eyes connected, his face impassive.
“Hey,” I offered a small smile. Kris didn’t reply, only turned so his back was to me. Seriously, how old is he? I took another deep breath and moved to sit by Kris. I placed a soft hand on his knee, but he jerked away as if he got burned. I frowned as a shot of pain ran through my heart. I bit my lip, contemplating what to do next. As much as I want to just walk out, I know I need to be the bigger person.
“Oppa,” I began softly, “Oppa I’m sorry.”
Kris snorted but said nothing in reply. I began to feel the anger rise up inside me. He was seriously going to act like this? What is his problem? I took yet another deep breath, trying to calm.
“Ok, clearly you don’t believe that,” I shrugged, “fine, whatever, your choice. But I really am sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you. I was just hurt and felt abandoned. So sorry for my snappy comments,” I paused and Kris still didn’t speak, “Oppa, please don’t shut me out.” My voice broke, finally capturing his attention. He turned to see tears in my eyes, surprise etched on his face.
“Please oppa,” I pleaded, the tears starting to wet my cheeks, “I need you. Please don’t be mad.”
“Dabeanah,” Kris whispered, wiping away my tears.
“Don’t leave me,” I cried, tears pouring down my face now. Kris pulled me onto his lap and into a crushing hug.
“I could never leave you,” Kris murmured. I buried my face in his neck and clung to him like he was going to disappear at any moment.
“I’m sorry,” I apologized again.
“It’s not your fault,” Kris answered, “I was the one being a jerk. I’m so sorry jagiya.”
I gave no answer as I sat there, straddling Kris and crying into his shoulder. I probably looked like a child right now, so that’s attractive. Kris began to draw patterns on my back, soothing my tears. After a few minutes I pulled my face out of Kris’ neck to look at his face. He smiled warmly as our eyes met and he wiped away my tears again.
“I need to go help the boys with dinner,” I said finally, standing up. I help a hand out to Kris and he took it instantly, standing up as well and interlocking our fingers. We walked out to the fire pit and helped the others finish preparing dinner.

Well that's all for this part...random note...the picture of the waterfall is actually from a place I hiked to when I lived in Korea. It's in 강릉 (Gangneung) if I remember right....a city on the east coast. I loved it there and the winter olympics are going to be in the mountains right above it so that's fun. There was olypmpic preperations all over when I lived there back in 2014....quite fun to see! Anyways I'm typing up the other one as we speak...until then 사랑해! ❤❤
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