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Hello ARMY!

The week we are checking out the fabulous selca collections taken by none other than the members themselves. Let's start the week off on the right foot with a sweet dose of Suga.

The great thing about Yoongi selfies is how cute and fluffy he looks.

And also, how fab he looks too.

But especially fluffy. Look at that classic gummy Min Yoongi smile!

Here he's trying to feed ARMY. How sweet.

When all the swag is gone, you get sweet Yoongi.

Totally boyfriend material.

If you show your mom his selcas, she'll want you to date him more than you do (is that even possible?)


Bare-faced and still beautiful!

Gummy smile + winky eyes = Perfect Yoongi selca

Even when covered in sweggie clothes, he's still an adorable fluff ball.

He's trying to hide his true nature here, but we already know he's a complete sweetheart.

Wait, what are you doing with that tongue Mr. Yoongi, sir?

Uh oh... he's starting to pout.

More bare-faced cutie pie.

Showing off those pearly whites.

Here we have a serious, contemplative selfie. What's he thinking about? The meaning of life? World peace? Lamb skewers? Nap time??? Your guess is a good as mine.

Count Yoongi the impaler... of french fries.

Oh, you want a kiss? Don't mind if I do.

Bare-faced Min Cabbage.

Smart and sexy, yet still a squish.

Full on pout! How dare you pout at ARMY like that! Rude

Partial swag selca.

Is he trying to make us jealous of him cause we don't have that tasty treat, or is he trying to make us jealous of that wrapper?

He looks like a kid who just got caught eating dessert before dinner.

This is the "I'm sooo bored" selca.

The "I'm sleepy but I still love ARMY" selfie.

K U M A M O N!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He looks great in blue!

He's very thoughtful with his selcas; gotta make sure to get the right angle.

Oh my!

Even when he's spinning his tongue technology, he still looks like the boy next door.

Duck lips Version 1

Duck lips version 2.0

And here's a bonus for you. It's not exactly a selca, but it's gosh darn cute!

I hope you enjoyed your weekly dose of Suga. We'll be back next week for another helping. Have a great week ARMY!

I have never been so attacked as I just was... I was really just holding my breath... but please tag you wonderful fairy you
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He's so gorgeous, it's not fair.
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OMGGGGG!! Yoongi is so cuteee... I cant stop myself!
Haha, yes he is.
Tag me please
Yes we can!
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