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Another awesome drama comes to an end, but with an incredible ending that left a light-heart feeling. On Good Doctor's FINAL episode In Hae wouldn't wake up due to internal bleeding which began two days before the surgery occur, which then Park whispers that she can't die before he falls asleep and dreams of her in that heavenly open (garden?) and then when Dr. Cha wakes up (which she stayed by In Hae's bed all night) In Hae opens her eyes and somehow the internal bleeding stop [which I found strange that they didn't know how it stop] and they are all happy that she finally is okay. Park feels sad/worried that Cha is open about their relationship because people are talking about them and Cha feels that she will push him away if she keeps on being open about it. When Park finally regains the courage to be open about their relationship Cha takes him to meet her friends, where BAM he gives her a surprise/sweet kiss! [Man was that a surprise even to the audience!] So everything seems to settle and Park is then accepted as a doctor by everyone including the Chief (which is cute how he grew a soft spot for him) and then Park is admitted as an official doctor. Then right after that Park and Kim have a cute brotherly moment and Kim even ask him why don't they have brother relationship! (So CUTE!) Sadly Park gets a call right at that moment the find out that his father passed away. A year goes by, Park donated the 3D TVs as he promise and he lives with his mom. We then see him scolding the new intern at the hospital and when I mean scolding I mean actually scolding, while even was giggling in the background. (I thought it was funny too, but then I was throw off because I was like hey he's from Bridal Mask and both Joo Won and he were in it together! I was totally amaze by that fact, haha.) Then we see Kim going over to visit his brother's resting area, which he puts flowers on top. It redirects us back to the hospital where In Hae and her sister are leaving the hospital and it seems that Dr. Han finally won over In Hae's sister. And as for the last scene we see Park and Cha sitting together looking over the surgery room and she lays her head on his shoulder and it ends...a perfectly beautiful ending that leaves you happy. This drama was honestly one of my favorite dramas considering that it has so much to teach you, which is not to judge a person because they are still a person who has feelings too; even if they are different. It was a really beautiful drama that just turn out perfect, with a beautiful OST as well. Even though it ended I'm glad that it end well. Thank you for reading. Peace! :) By the way that MV is the one that I have been dying looking for and other's told me they have as well and I found it, it's the one that goes "To my friend, To my love, Trust me."