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The doctor says "What kin of treachery is this?" Kangto says The only way to catch Gaksital is if we protect this poor family - refering to Mokdan. Shunji says you deliberately shot her. Kenji gets angry at Shunji for protecting Kangto. Kangto says "It was you? You were Gaksital?!" Share on FB/Twitter with your friends guys! I'm doing previews/teasers for all my fav kdramas so just follow me on my page
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It was the time....It took too much to review his attitude...
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The pacing in Gaksital is excellent... bix2anca are you watching Ghost as well?
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How could I miss it?
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Usually, if the spare time allows it, it is better to watch equally good and poor quality dramas. Otherwise how can you tell which one should be praised and which not? Quality comes to us at different levels. In order to know what to ask you should now everything about your requirements...Both Bridal mask and Ghost are high level from several points of view : cast, script, technical team...
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