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Ring, ring. The phone is ringing. I go to answer with much to my surprise it is my leader, One Junn. He tells me he has time off and would like to go on a date with me. I say yes of course. I hang up the phone with excitement.
I run to the closet to find what to wear. I choose this outfit. It is relaxing and dressy since I do not know where we are going. I forgot to ask with all the excitement.
He picks me up and I ask where are we going for our date. He says it is a surprise. After a little while of driving. We pull up to a park.
We get out of the car and walk to where they had bicycles. He asked if I want to ride a bike with him. Of course I say. We get a bike for two and ride around the park for awhile.
After a while we ride to a part of the park that had basketball courts. He asks do you want to play a game of one on one with me. We get off the bike and play a game. Of course he lets me win.
After our game, we ride around the park a little more in the bike. In the distant I see a blanket on the grass near a tree with a picnic basket.
We stop at that spot and get off the bike. He asks me to sit and we eat our lunch. He was so thoughtful. After we eat our lunch. He goes and get an ice cream cone for us to share.
We finish the ice cream and he sits back against the tree and asks me to lay me head in his lap. He pulls a book from around the tree and starts reading to me.
What a perfect date I think as I lay there listening to his sweet voice. I don't ever want it to end. :)
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Oh my! What a wonderful way to spend time together ❤