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Okeydokey guys, next chapter is here. I guess the title should tell you, something's up, lol. And as opposed to the Jimin branch, Hoseok's is cuter, right? But I like both, lol.

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Disclaimer: Many of the characters aside from BTS are made up and BTS themselves are not BTS in this story. And, of course, I don't know the BTS boys personally so their personalities are probably mostly fictional.
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Beginning: Chapter 1
Warning: May contain mild language. Does funny with slight innuendo need a warning? lol


SooJin POV

It was hard to not show how much Hoseok helping me affected me. It was almost completely silent as he helped me up the stairs and then helped me unpack. I just watched as he worked quietly. It still hurt when I thought about how he had so easily refuted my parents question as to whether we were dating or not. And now he was quiet. Was he bothered that he was basically being forced to be around me?

I wanted to tell him that he didn’t always have to help me, but I didn’t. I knew that I was afraid he would actually take me up on that. After he finished, he laid out my pajamas for me. He told me ‘goodnight’ still without looking at me. I was clumsy as I got ready for bed that night, almost falling twice. I lay in bed looking up at the ceiling, wondering what was going to happen. At some point, I finally fell asleep.

The next day, Jin was the first one up after me. By the time I had changed, he came to help me down the stairs. The home aide would not be at the house for another hour. He helped me to the breakfast table where we talked before he had to leave for work. I talked with the others as they came down as well. When Jimin came down, he saw me sitting at the table and immediately backtracked. He told SunYung and MinJu that he would pick something up on the way to work.

It hurt to hear him say that. He was supposed to be my friend. It was bad enough that he ignored me in the hospital, but now he was outright avoiding me.

“No, he’ll eat here,” I told them. I told myself that in coming home, I would not allow myself to be a burden or inconvenience to anyone. So I would follow that for Jimin, even if it hurt me. I carefully stood up and used my crutches to go to the library.

Right as I was leaving, I saw Jungkook come in to the kitchen. I continued to the library. I heard him talk to Jimin, “What the hell’s wrong with you, huyng?” And then I was out of earshot. Jungkook and JiEun came to see me in the library before they left for school. Jungkook apologized for his brother but he didn’t offer an explanation. They left just as the home aide came.

I was already in the clothes I would use for my PT so she didn’t have to help me with that. In fact, there wasn’t a whole lot I needed help with. She carried down my study materials so I could study in the living room. The physical therapist came a couple hours after that. I worked as hard as I could and worked up a heavy sweat. After he left, the aide helped me up and down the stairs for my shower and lunch. After that, we walked around the neighborhood. The PT sessions weren’t enough work for me. I was continually warned about pushing myself too much, but I ignored it. I knew my body well enough to set my own pace, or so I kept telling myself.

Most of the rest of the day was uneventful while I waited for people to start coming home. Jin was the first to come home and the aide left at his arrival. The others came soon after that. We ate dinner earlier than usual so that we could start the party sooner. As soon as we finished, Namjoon and Taehyung set up the alcohol in the game room. HyeMi left early since we had dinner early. Then the party started.

Apparently, the week had been a long one for everyone because they were quick to drink and play the games. As the night wore on, the guys were more and more entertaining to watch; most of them, anyway. Jimin stuck to one spot. Although I kept an eye on Jimin just in case I found an opportunity to talk to him, I mostly kept my attention on Hoseok. The more alcohol he drank, the friendlier he was with me. In fact, he became downright flirty. I knew it was only the alcohol making him behave like that, but I still reveled in it.

Every time he touched my arm or my hand, my heart skipped a beat. Every smile he gave me gave me butterflies. When he would gently brush my hair behind my ear, I fought to keep from blushing. I found myself drinking more just to shut up the thoughts that told me to keep everything just friendly. Just for one night, I wanted to enjoy being this close with him.
I watched with a smile when Hoseok took his turn at a Mario Cart race. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Jimin get up and leave. I turned and saw that no one seemed to notice his departure. It was the perfect time to talk to him. I quietly got up and left. He wasn’t heading to the bathroom, but leaving the room itself. By the time I managed to get outside the room, Jimin was nowhere in sight. I quickly checked the dining room and kitchen; not there. I looked up at the stairs. Maybe he had decided to call it a night. If that was the case, there was no way I could follow. The stairs were difficult enough when I had someone the help steady me. I definitely couldn’t do it by myself and while I was this intoxicated.

I turned back to the game room and the library caught my attention. Jimin had gone there last time, maybe he had gone there again. I went to the door. My hand hovered over the doorknob. The last time both of us had been in the room, he had kissed me. That’s when everything started going wrong. But this time, we were going in not even on friendly terms. There was no way he would try it again. I struggled a little with the doorknob before I was able to open it. I left the door open as I came in.

Just like last time, he was turned away from me and flipping through a book. This time, though, when he turned, he looked surprised. He hadn’t expected me to follow him. I started walking towards him.

“W-what are you doing here?” he asked me.

“I wanted to talk to you,” I responded.

I watched him put his disinterested mask back on. “Yeah, well, I don’t want to talk to you.”

“Stop it!” I yelled. That took him by surprise. “Stop doing this.”

“Doing what?” he challenged.

“You know what!” It made me so angry that he was still pretending that nothing was wrong. “Ever since... that night... you’ve been acting strange. It was bothering me, but I decided to not press it. I didn’t want to force you into a corner. Even I didn’t know what to do. And then I had my accident. At first, you just stayed back, almost like you had been doing before. But then it became outright ignoring me! You refused to talk to me or even look at me! We’re supposed to be friends... why are you doing this to me?

“Do you have any idea how it feels for me to have my friend turn his back on me like that?! Right when I needed my friends the most? I was so worried... but you didn’t care. Why are you doing this to me? What have I done to you to deserve you treating me like this?” Only a few steps away, I could see the guilt in his eyes. He was trying and failing to hide it... But if he felt guilty, why was he still doing it? Why was he pushing me away so hard?

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he replied flatly. “I’m not avoiding you, I just have no reason to interact with you.” I scoffed. “And I don’t know what you mean by ‘ever since that night’. I was too drunk to remember anything.”

And that was it. He finally slipped. “How do you know what night I’m talking about?” Jimin looked at me confused until he realized it as well. “I never said what night it was.” Jimin looked away. “You remember don’t you?”

“No I don’t.”

“You remember kissing me.” I saw him flinch. “I always thought you might, but now I know. I understand why you pretended not to remember anything. It was embarrassing for you. That’s why I didn’t push it. I was afraid that your drunken actions would change our friendship. I thought that as long as we didn’t talk about it, we could go back to how it was before. I didn’t realize that it would become a festering wound.”

“That kiss... it didn’t mean anything...” It was then I could tell... he was lying. He liked me. Or he did at that time. Obviously, his feelings had changed since then. “But anyway, that kiss has nothing to do with now.” And with that, he walked past me.

“Wait, Jimin.” I tried to catch his arm. With the combination of losing my crutch with that action and his momentum, I lost my balance and hit the ground pretty hard. Tears sprung up in my eyes.

“SooJin!” Jimin was quickly at my side on the ground. The concern in his eyes was the first truthful thing I had seen from him aside from the guilt. “A-are you okay? I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you fall...”

“It’s okay. It was my fault, not yours.” When I looked at him again, he was already readjusting his mask. It hurt me to see him do that. It was made worse by the fact that he still hadn’t told me what was wrong.

“C’mon. Let’s get you back to the others.” He helped me stand up and handed me my crutches.

“I’ll be fine... You go ahead...” He didn’t want to be close to me so I wouldn’t force him. He gave me one last look before heading back to the party. I sighed. This wasn’t going to be easy.

Narrator POV

“Ha! Told you I’d win!” Hoseok shouted, laughing. He turned back to share his victory with SooJin but she wasn’t in her seat. Had she gone to the bathroom? He handed the controller to Jungkook and went towards the back. The bathroom door was open. Had she left? Then he panicked. There was no way she’d try to go up the stairs by herself, right? He ran out of the room and looked around. The open library door caught his attention and he walked to it. He was about to step in the doorway when he heard voices.

“Do you have any idea how it feels for me to have my friend turn his back on me like that?!” That was SooJin’s voice. Who was she talking to? “Right when I needed my friends the most? I was so worried... but you didn’t care. Why are you doing this to me? What have I done to you to deserve you treating me like this?” Hoseok stayed just outside the door, listening. He wasn’t usually one to eavesdrop, but he was curious.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Jimin? What was going on? “I’m not avoiding you, I just have no reason to interact with you.” He heard SooJin scoff. “And I don’t know what you mean by ‘ever since that night’. I was too drunk to remember anything.”

What night? What were they talking about? “How do you know what night I’m talking about? I never said what night it was. You remember, don’t you?”

“No I don’t.”

“You remember kissing me.” Hoseok felt his heart clench. Jimin... kissed SooJin? “I always thought you might, but now I know. I understand why you pretended not to remember anything. It was embarrassing for you. That’s why I didn’t push it. I was afraid that your drunken actions would change our friendship. I thought that as long as we didn’t talk about it, we could go back to how it was before. I didn’t realize that it would become a festering wound.”

“That kiss... it didn’t mean anything...” Hoseok knew Jimin well enough to be able to hear when he was lying. And it was breaking his heart. “But anyway, that kiss has nothing to do with now.” Hoseok heard footsteps and immediately ran back to the game room.

“Wait, Jimin.” And then Hoseok closed the door. He quickly hid himself in the bathroom. He leaned his back against the door and let himself fall to the ground. His brain tried to process what he had just heard. Jimin had—Hoseok shook his head. No. No, he couldn’t have. Jimin wouldn’t do that... ‘I was too drunk’. When... the party. The party they’d had for SooJin passing the GED. Both of them had disappeared and when SooJin came back, she had been hiding something. Jimin never came back. Jimin was different after that, but nothing like he was after her accident. Something else must have happened.

Hoseok buried his head in his hands. SooJin kept saying Jimin was her friend, that she thought things could go back to the way they were before. But then why... why did she call after him when he said the kiss didn’t mean anything.

There was a pounding on the door, startling Hoseok. “Hurry up!” yelled Taehyung. “I gotta piss so bad.” Hoseok quickly checked that he hadn’t cried then flushed the toilet and turned on the faucet. He left the bathroom and a potty-dancing Taehyung pushed past him.

Right then, SooJin came back in. She immediately spotted Hoseok. The exact person she wanted to see. She smiled at him. Hoseok just stared back.

“Are you okay, oppa?” SooJin asked as she walked towards him. Hoseok closed the distance and pulled her into a tight hug. SooJin’s breath caught in her chest. Hoseok must have been even more drunk than she thought. But she decided to not care. Maybe I’m the one who’s been drinking too much, she thought as she rested her head against his chest. She let them stay like that for a handful of seconds. It would probably be the only time she got to do this. She jumped in surprise when a second pair of hands wrapped around her waist.

“Me too!” Taehyung shouted from behind Hoseok, completely shattering the moment. She started to laugh until those arms pulled her flush against Hoseok, forcing her to drop her crutches. Her face blushed furiously.

“T-Tae,” she squeaked out. She felt the arms around her shoulders squeeze tighter for a moment before dropping to grab Taehyung’s hands.

“Tae, let go,” Hoseok said evenly. SooJin looked up at Hoseok and saw a strange look in his eyes. A look that sent pleasant shivers down her spine. Taehyung let go with a whine before stumbling back to the rest of the party. Neither Hoseok nor SooJin moved. SooJin felt Hoseok’s hands ghost along her sides and she shivered again. Then she felt disappointment when Hoseok immediately looked away, breaking the spell. He stepped back and stooped down to grab her crutches.

He handed them to her, that look in his eyes now gone. He smiled his bright smile as though he was a completely different person from a few seconds ago.

“C’mon, let’s go back to your party. I think it should be your turn on the game by now.”

“R-Right,” SooJin stuttered, trying to regain her composure. How was Hoseok able to change like that so quickly? He and Taehyung were definitely related.

The two went back to the party. At some point in time, Jimin came back in. Throughout the next couple hours, SooJin’s thoughts, against her will, kept turning back to that look. Every time, it was the same: her whole body would get hot and she would down some of her drink, trying to cool herself down. Hoseok went back to those flirty touches that sent jolts of electricity throughout her body. Because she had studied for her GED, she had studied health and sex education. So she was aware of a lot of what she was going through right now. But even understanding it, she was forced to test her self-control when all her body wanted her to do was push him back against the couch, climb onto his lap, kiss the hell out of him, and see where it would lead.

There were a thousand reasons why that was such a bad idea, but her body didn’t care for logic. It was practically a Godsend when Jin said they should call it a night. Jungkook offered to help JiEun to her room but Namjoon adamantly refused, worried that they might not come back out. Instead, Jungkook had to help Jimin who, although remaining silent most of the night, had downed drink after drink. Yoongi took JiEun and Jin started with Taehyung who was trying to crawl under the nearby pinball machines.

Jin asked Hoseok to take SooJin up the stairs and help her get her stuff for bed. SooJin’s heart thumped in her chest when Hoseok agreed. As they went up the stairs, SooJin tried to keep all her attention on each step so that she wouldn’t think about Hoseok’s fingers on her waist or her hand in his. She didn’t know why he felt it necessary to steady her waist, he hadn’t done that before, but it was driving her crazy. She was grateful when they made it up the stairs and she could just use her crutches again. Hoseok stayed close to her, making sure that she didn’t sway too much on the crutches. Once in her room, he proceeded to grab her pajamas.

SooJin wasn’t paying attention to the clothes until Hoseok held up a gown. It was a rose-pink, silky, almost-sheer, mid-thigh nightgown. Hoseok’s eyes were wide open as he looked back and forth between the gown and SooJin.

“N-Not that one!” SooJin yelped. “JiEun made me buy it. But... there’s no way I would wear that.”

“Right. O-Of course not...” Hoseok put it back in the drawer. He took his time looking for something else so he could calm himself down. SooJin laughed when he next pulled out a baby blue, long-sleeved, below-the-knee gown. It was the complete opposite of the first one. Hoseok couldn’t help but laugh as well.

“That’ll work,” SooJin continued to laugh. Hoseok handed her the gown.

“I’ll, uh, I’ll wait outside while you change. I’ll leave the door cracked open just in case you need help. Promise I won’t look.” SooJin smiled and nodded. Hoseok waited outside. It wasn’t even 30 seconds before he heard a thump and a loud cry. He immediately rushed in. His face blushed bright red and he slapped his hands over his eyes as soon as he saw her on the ground. He didn’t see how far she had gotten, but seeing her bare thighs and her pants around her ankles was too much for him. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I heard the thump and I just panicked.”

He heard SooJin chuckle. “It’s okay. I thought this might happen so I put the gown on first. I’m covered. You can look.”

Hoseok slowly lowered his hands. SooJin was still on the ground, but she had pulled the gown further down.

“I-I was trying to take the pants off and I fell. Can you help me onto the b-bed please?”

“S-Sure. Of course.” He quickly rushed to her. He wrapped his arms under her underarms and picked her up. Then he turned to that she could sit on the bed.

“What. The. Hell?” They both turned to the voice. Jin was standing in the doorway. Hoseok almost lost his balance from pulling away from SooJin so quickly. “Hoseok...”

“I-It’s not what it looks like!” They both yelled.

Hoseok took over. “SooJin was changing and she fell. I was just helping her back into bed. Onto her bed. I was outside when she was changing though. And then I heard her fall. I swear that’s all it was.”

Jin seemed to consider it for a moment. He was pretty sure he could trust Hoseok anyway. “Alright. Thanks for your help, Hoseok, I can take it from here.”

“R-Right h-hyung. Right. G-Goodnight, SooJin-ah.” And then he was out of there fast as a bullet. SooJin immediately burst into laughter.

“You scared the hell out of him, oppa.”

Jin smiled. “That’s what big brothers are for.” Then he went on to help with SooJin’s pants. “Do you need any help in the bathroom?” SooJin shook her head.

“Nope. I should be fine.”

“Alright, then,” Jin said, standing up. “Keep your phone on you just in case, okay?”

“Of course, oppa.” Jin kissed her on the top of her head and wished her goodnight. Then he was gone.

SooJin’s hand trailed down the side of her throat. When Hoseok had helped her back up, his face was almost against her neck. She had felt his hot breath against her skin. The memory of it gave her goosebumps. She shook her head. No more alcohol, she told herself. I could barely keep myself in check. I need to know... She thought about Hoseok’s behavior throughout the night. He seemed to be actually interested in her. But maybe it was just the alcohol. Last time, she had been groped by both Namjoon and Taehyung as a result of their alcohol consumption. So maybe it was the same for Hoseok. She wanted to think it was more than that but...

I need to just get ready for bed, she declared to herself. She managed to finish getting ready without falling down. As she lay down in bed, comfortably curled against her body pillow, her thoughts turned back to Hoseok. His touches, that look, feeling him... She slapped her face gently. No time for thoughts like that. Just sleep. Everything would be better after sleep. Within a few minutes, the alcohol weighed on her and she fell into sleep.

Alcohol is always good for a drama, lol. How else would you have crazy things like this happen? Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed the chapter. I like their romantic comedy thing going on.

Thank you @Mavis2478 for the story.

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