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It's True Love Tuesday, and this week's theme is harem!

Tbh, my true harem TLT is Hikaru x Haruhi, but I exhausted that ship a couple weeks ago ^^; If you missed it, here it is!

Mutsumi x Serinuma - Kiss Him, Not Me!

Fortunately, I finally added another harem anime to my repertoire! In this bizarre reverse-harem centered around fujoshi, Serinuma, Mutsumi was consistently my favorite match for her from the start! He was always nice to her even before she slimmed down, and was the only one to recognize her, unaffected by her physical transformation! He was always sweet and respectful to her, always the first one to embrace her otaku oddities with no ulterior motive and genuinely enjoyed spending time with her from the start. He never seemed like he was trying too hard, because he wasn't, and Serinuma always seemed most comfortable with him, so things never felt forced between them.
So share your favorite harem true love with us!
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You know the mangaka be shipping them two ( ・ ิω ・ ิ)
this is a ship i enjoy. u can truly tell that he loves her for who she is.
Sorry I didn't participate yesterday, I got injured in a basket ball game
oh no! I hope it was nothing serious!
I'm actually currently watching this one!
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@OtakuDemon10 lol I always loved Tamaki and stick with that ship, yes Hikaru is a sweetheart but I love Tamaki's fun and outgoing personality. I don't even remember the characters names at the moment. I've been bouncing back between watching anime and a Korean variety show.
yes I ship it omg I want her to date him out of all the choices this in it.