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EXO Sci-Fi

Note: I'm so tired these days. I'm trying to get used to the Vingle app update. I edited a couple cards, and they got posted again. So I'm trying to figure out why it did that. Now I have two cards for the same story. Someone explain to me how that happened. Am I missing something?
Anywhooo.... On with the story
Kyung shook Lay the best he could with his feet but Lay still didn't move.

“Chen!” Kyung called to him, “Chen!”

Chen moaned, his head rolling from side to side.


“What happened?” Chen moaned. His body feeling numb, his head throbbing. “What the hell happened?”

“He shot us with something. A stun gun or something.” Kyung struggled to free his hands, “We have to get free. Look where Chanyeol is.”

Chen looked around the room and seen Chanyeol lying on a table. He remembered seeing him turning into a ball of fire, burning through the ropes and falling to the floor and then nothing.

“Can you get free?” Kyung asked.

“I'll try…” Chen concentrated, wrapping his fingers the best he could around the rope. He concentrated on striking the rope. Electricity sizzled the air around him, making his dry hair stand on end, it sizzled and popped in his hands. The rope made a snapping noise and he dropped suddenly to the floor. He quickly untied his feet. His arms ached like hell but he made them move. As soon as he was free, he went to Kyung and untied his feet first and using his power, burned through the ropes wrapped around Kyung's wrists. He caught him before he could fall to the floor. Kyung's leg were wobbly as he tried to stand.

“How long do you think we were out?” Chen asked as he went to Chanyeol and tried to wake him.

“I don't know a few hours, maybe a day.” He leaned down over Lay. Petting his head, hoping he'll wake up but Lay still didn't move, not even a flinch. It worried him. He checked for a pulse, it was weak. “I think he's badly hurt.”

Chen looked back, “Serves him right. Leave him”


“What? He tricked us to get us here.” Chen said lifting Chanyeol up into a sitting position.

“We don't know what this situation is, he could've been coerced, blackmailed. I don't think he would have done it willingly. It don't seem like his personality.” Kyung said. “We have to take him with us.”

“Fine then you carry him.” Chen tapped Chanyeol's cheeks to wake him. Chanyeol groaned. He quickly lifted his hands in defense, flames raging out of his fingertips. “It's okay, Chan, it's just me!”

“Where did he go?” Chanyeol was breathing heavily, his body shaking,

“I don't know but he have to get out of here, can you walk?”

Chanyeol slid off the table, his body aching,  “Yes I can walk” He seen Kyung struggling to lift Lay off the floor, so he went over to help.

“I say just leave him! This kid is trouble.” Chen said out loud.

“No, he's one of us, he’s coming with us” Chanyeol said wrapping his arm around Lay's waist to help hold him up. Chen huffed and they headed for the door.

Chen turned to knob but the door didn't open. He pulled and pushed. Then the lock clicked from the other side and it opened. They stood back as it slowly opened. A head peeked in slowly.

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That's it??? Where's the rest of it????
Omma I like it ^^
Omma I like it ^^