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The struggle is real.
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I went to sit in on a weight watchers meeting. I was handed a little "get to know you card" first question. "why do you want to loose weight? " I was floored. so I gave the most honest answer I could.... my answer: because I am tired of becoming a body contortionist just to wipe my Ass when I go to the bathroom. I handed it in... the speaker went up. and announced... "we have a visitor tonight. and I have to say. This is a real and honest to goodness answer. Carolina? where are you Hon?" I stood up and smiled. speaker: Carolina here is welcomed. and her answer on why she wants to loose weight... *she read my answer* room full of ladies and men. "oh my God. I should have out that down as my answer when I came in to this" what?!!! THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!!!
ugh skinny people talking about needing to lose weight is so depressing
@dreemer13 girl I feel the same