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■□■ 2NE1 on Steven Universe ■□■

That's right you read the headline completely RIGHT

2NE1 was going to feature on Steven Universe season four episode 11 "Steven's Dream" the episode was to be taking place in the land of Unnies and Oppas~~ that's right


However due to the timing of the promotions and which 2NE1 disbanding unfortunately the girls weren't able to feature in the episode

I feel you Steven I miss the girls too
how do you guys feel about this should 2NE1 and Steven Universe have collaborated and let the 2NE1 empire rain on or were the producers right to let the episode take another turn..


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I loom forward to seeing this episode
9 months ago·Reply
Actually the creator of Steven Universe likes Kpop a lot. He even likes AOA
9 months ago·Reply
@JewelsLouise1 I thought Rebecca sugar created Steven Universe?
9 months ago·Reply
idk who created it, but I have heard that the creator likes Kpop
9 months ago
this would've been life omfg
9 months ago·Reply
Ii think the producers should just keep 2ne1 on the show!
9 months ago·Reply