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OMG... Post Concert Deppression is hitting me really hard today. I had such a fun time and I met some really awesome people. I truly miss Got7 and I also miss being around other IGot7's. Plus... I miss being on vacation.

*Cries in corner* I can't believe I touched Got7... and I told JB I loved him... and once the hi touch started I legit forgot their names (lol the only reason I could say anything to JB was because I had been practicing for like... days!)

Anywho.... Concert spam time :)

Lots of blurry pics... but that's only bc they were dancing their cute butts off. Lol. :)
JB tho.... *Fangirls*
Here are some vids I posted on instagram... Hopefully the links work...

I had such a blast! Thank you GOT7 & SubK!

If you would like to be tagged/ untagged from my future cards let me know :)
Ooohhh you lucky duck!!!!! #petitiontobringbacktheoldvinglelayout
I'm glad you had fun... lucky!!! I wish I was back home. because I would have been there!!! but NOOOOOOOO!!! I HAVE TO BE IN FLY OVER COUNTRY WHERE KNOW ONE EVEN KNOWS WE EXIST!!! STUPID LOUISVILLE KENTUCKY