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SF9 Community Announcement: Fanfiction Contest!

Hello FANTASYs! I come with exciting news for the SF9 community...

We are joining a Valentine's Day Fanfiction Contest!!

Thank you to @MelissaGarza (Boys Republic Community Moderator) for letting us join in!
Along with us, the BlackPink and GOT7 communities will also be joining the event!

Moderators involved are:
@MelissaGarza - Boys Republic
@Luna1117 - GOT7
@VKookie47 - BlackPink
The rules go as following:
1. Your fanfiction may be written in any genre, but must be themed around Valentine's Day.
2. Concerning Smut or Triggering Subjects, an OBVIOUS warning must be put either in the title or before the story. Be sure not to write any smut including underaged members, as well. If you have any questions on that, you can contact any moderator from a participating community.
3. It must be a oneshot.
4. Your fanfiction must have at least ONE member from the community you are participating in. (Ex. If you are making a oneshot for the SF9 Community, it must have 1+ SF9 member(s) in it)
5. Your fanfiction must be posted in the correct and relevant community. Do NOT write a GOT7 oneshot and publish it in the SF9 community.
6. You are allowed to enter in all participating communities.
7. Make sure to tag the Moderators in your fanfiction in order for it to be counted in!
8. The contest will run from February 1st through February 17th at midnight. I will NOT be accepting any oneshots posted AFTER 5am on February 18th EST.
There will be four winners total; one from each community. For the SF9 winner, your oneshot will be featured on the community page, and you will be able to choose two of the following:
→ Bias Spam
→ A Personalized Oneshot
→ A Ship
→ Personalized Bias/Group Wallpapers
→ Fake Subbed Imagine Video (they are literally my favourite thing to watch they're so cute)
If you have any further questions, you can message me or the involved moderators. My Line and Kakao Talk IDs are "jenjenkhreim".

GOOD LUCK TO ALL THAT ENTER!!! I look forward to reading your works!!

↓Sensational Feeling Squad↓

↓Sensational Feeling Fam↓

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Please add me to your tag
9 months ago·Reply
if there anyone making a ship oneshot TAG MY ASS
9 months ago·Reply
This is going to be so much fun~!!!!!
9 months ago·Reply
I am not very good at writing but I think I'll try this
8 months ago·Reply
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