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Blindly reaching over to your side table, you grabbed your ringing phone, still half asleep, you opened your tired eyes just enough to see the caller that had disturbed your sleep.

“Hello?” You mumbled, your free hand rubbing your closed eyes, while you rolled back over and rested your head back on the pillow.

“Hello, jagi!” A chirpy bright voice chimed over the phone

“How are you so excited this early in the morning, Dongwoo?” You mumbled, closing your eyes once more.

“I have something fun for us to do today!” Dongwoo smiled and bounced as he talked to you.

“Oh really? What is it?” You interest started to grow once you started to wake up fully from the night of rest.

“I can’t tell you now, I will be over in half and hour, so be ready to go somewhere really fun with me” Dongwoo cooed.

“Arasso, see you soon” You pulled the phone from your ear as a smile was obviously sitting on
your face. Ending the call, you looked at the time, reasoning that it was about time to get this day started, you stumbled out of bed and into the shower.

“Where are you going today?” Sungyeol asked Dongwoo as he played video games while the other members were still sleeping soundly in their beds.

“Namsan Tower” Dongwoo happily cooed, slipping a new lock into his backpack, along with a jacket for him, two pens and some water.

“A-Are you going to do the lock thing?” Sungyeol questioned while he was still staring intently at the game that he was playing.

“Of course~” Dongwoo nodded his head with a bright smile curling onto his lips.

“You are only supposed to do that with someone that you love” Sungyeol told him.

“I know, that is why I am going to pick her up and we are going to spend the rest of the day together” Dongwoo laid out his plans.

“Make sure that you check in with Sunggyu throughout the day, you know how he worries” Sungyeol added

“I will, see you later tonight, Sungyeol” Dongwoo slipped the backpack straps over his shoulders before slipping on his shoes and heading out the front door.

All dressed some light ripped jeans, a dark blue shirt tank top with a little design crawling up the side of the shirt, you pulled your hair up in a low messy bun and slipped on some while flip flops. Applying some light makeup you finished just in time to hear a knock at the door.

Grabbing your phone, you ran to the door and opened it with a bright smile.

“Good morning, ______” Dongwoo bowed like a prince causing you to laugh

“Hello Prince Charming” You teased with a smile, “So where are we going?”

“I can’t tell you yet” Dongwoo smiled as you opened the door a little wider for him to enter your apartment.

“When can you tell me?” You pleaded

“Right after I get my ‘hello’ hug” He opened his arms wide and you giggled at his cuteness. Not being able to argue with his logic, you opened your arms and walked into his open arms.

Slowly wrapping his strong arms around you, you smiled and rested your head under his chin, his head rested on yours while your fingers slowly played with the soft fabric of his dark blue sweater.

“I missed you” He whispered into your sweet smelling hair

“I missed you too, although having your wake-up call was fun” You lifted your head from his chest as his sweet eyes peered into yours.

“Don’t mention it, I love calling you” He pressed his lips on your forehead.

“Shall we go?” Dongwoo questioned, his hands linking with his other hand behind your back

“You have to tell me where we are going first” You twisted your body in his arms a little, his smile growing, once more, on his face.

“Namsan Tower, that is your only hint” Dongwoo unlocked his arms from around you before he wagged his finger at you.

“I don’t think I have been there before” You tilted your head up at him curiously

“Then it will be a first time for both of us” He smiled and laced his fingers with yours.

Once the two of you got everything you needed, you headed out to his car, he opened the passenger door for you and you slid into the seat. Sitting behind the wheel, he put the car in gear and started to drive to the bottom of the Namsan tower.

“What are we going to do there?” You questioned him, playing with the radio a little as his fingers gently tapped the steering wheel.

“Have you heard of the locks of love?” Dongwoo glanced over in your direction, trying hard not to keep his eyes off of the road for too long.

“No! Are we doing the couple lock thing?!” You turned in your seat while instant excitement grew inside of you.

“We are!” He smiles brightly and nodded his head before pulling into a parking space.

“Did you bring a lock?” You looked at him, grabbing his backpack he smiles and nodded, getting out of the car, he skipped over to you and wrapped his hand around yours.

“I remembered to bring one~ But we have to wait until we are up at the top to see it though” He smiled and kissed your cheek

“I am so excited!” You bounced on your feet with a happy smile.

“Let’s see if you are excited when we start to walk up there” Dongwoo smiled before the two of you walked over to the cable cars.

Finding some room in one of the cars, you two happily watched as you climbed up higher and higher. Dongwoo’s face was pressed up against the window just like a little kid, Looking out at the beautiful view, he smiled and pointed out things to you before the ride came to an end.

Being greeted by a mountain of stairs, you held Dongwoo’s hand gently before both of you started walking up the stairs. Singing songs and making jokes made the mountain of stairs seem like a little hill.

Reaching the top of the stairs, you were greeted by walls of locks, old and new, big and little. Your eyes widened about the amount of locks that securely hung on the fence.

Walking around, looking around at all of them, you stopped and read a few messages that were on the locks. Meanwhile Dongwoo was unpacking the new lock, grabbing his two pens he walked up behind you and poked your sides. Squealing, you turned around and looked at Dongwoo with a bright smile.

“Yah!” You giggled

“I have the lock all ready, so I thought you could write something about me on one side and I write something about you on the other” He held out a pen for you and you agreed with a
smile and a kiss on his cheek.

Taking your time with your message that you wrote on one side, he was done in a flash and just kissed your cheek and put his pen back in his bag.

“Are you done already?” You looked at him with a big eyes.

“Mhmmm” Dongwoo smiled. Returning back to your note, you finally finished and you flipped over the lock to see what his side said, however his hand covered up the lock in your hand.

“It says, there is no other person that could make me as happy as you have made me, I love you, my best friend, my angel, my love. I love you” Dongwoo stared into your eyes, his eyes slightly twinkled as his words softened your heart and caused a little tint of pink to settle on your cheeks.

“Mine says, to the best friend I could ever ask for, my other half, the reason for my smile and laugh. I love you so much, my dinosaur.” He smiled hearing you say his message that you wrote,

Taking the pen from your hand, he put it away before the two of you happily found an open spot on the fence. Holding one side of the lock, you looped it around the part on the fence and Dongwoo held the other side of the lock.

Clicking the lock closed, Dongwoo’s fingers twisted the combination so no one could unlock it. His eyes came back to yours, slowly taking in your beautiful features in the cool fresh air.
Glancing down at your lips, you happily smiled and moved closer, knowing exactly what he is thinking, you smiled and tilted your head to his.

With his soft lips touching yours softly, his hands wrap around you and pull you closer to him. His lips leaving yours, your eyes fluttering open slightly, just to see his big brown eyes looking down at you made your knees go weak.

“What else do you have planned for today?” You held him closer with your arms snaking around his sides.

“I don’t know, we will see what I want to surprise you with” He giggled, wrapping his arms around you, both of you started to make the trek back down the tower to spend and unforgettable day with his best friend.