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Pacing in the lobby of Woollim, you nervously played with your fingers, your mind still reeling from the meeting that you just got out of.

Not even an hour earlier, you found yourself sitting in front of Infinite’s Manager.

“You wanted to talk to me, sir?” You bowed to him before you took your seat in front of his glass desk.

“I did.” He nodded his head and spun in his chair a little before tapping his lips and looking up to the ceiling. “Dongwoo and you have been going out for a year or so, right?”

“Yes, sir” You nodded your head, your fingers playing with the bottom hem of your shirt.

“So I previously spoke to Dongwoo about this but he told me that he wouldn’t ever do this. I am hoping to get a different answer from you” He stood up from his chair and pushed in his leather chair.

“What are you talking about, sir?” You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion

“I want you to break up with Dongwoo” He bluntly stated

“W-Why?” Your eyes suddenly got wide and you almost forgot how to breath

“Management has told me that you need to break up with him” The manager honestly told you all that he could.

Tears started to sting your eyes, reminding yourself to keep your breaths nice and slow, your hands tightened up around one another as your eyes dropped to the floor.

“W-What will happen if I don’t agree to break up with Dongwoo?” You whispered, knowing that you would cry more if your voice got any louder.

“We will have to go to his family…” You lifted up your eyes and saw the threat in his eyes of the possible harm he was willing to put on his innocent family.

A weight instantly fell on your chest, making your heart beat faster and your breath quicken, your hands got sweaty and you rubbed them slowly along your legs. Your mind quickly ran over all of the possibilities and consequences; however coming to a conclusion, you lifted your eyes to the manager’s.

“I’ll do it” You stood up and he shook your hand to seal your word.

“______!” Dongwoo’s chirpy voice snapped you out of your current mission.

Turning in his direction, you forced a smile on your face while he ran towards you with open arms. Acting as normal as you could, you felt his arms wrap around you and you hugged him back, tightening your arms around him, you knew that this would be your last hug with him and you didn’t want it to end.

“What are you doing here?” Dongwoo questioned, he pulled away and you did too, unwillingly

“I have something to tell you” You told him, his members filing out to the van, the glass doors shut behind them and your eyes dropped down onto the print on his t shirt. Tilting your chin up with his finger, he smiled softly at you.

“What is it about?” Dongwoo gently rubbed your arm with his other hand, trying to make you more comfortable to tell him, with your eyes darting around and you prancing a little on your feet, he could tell that you were nervous with the news you were going to reveal to him.

“Dongwoo, it’s over” Your voice was strong and unwavering, your eyes looking anywhere but his eyes.

“What’s over?” Dongwoo tilted his head, stepping towards you, however you stepped back.

“Us.” You dropped your eyes for just a moment before your eyes locked with his again, “I’m sorry, but I can’t be with you anymore” Saying these words broke your heart into a million pieces. Watching his eyes start to coat over in fresh tears and his bottom lip quivering slightly.

“Why? Did I do something wrong?” He whispered softly, trying to keep his voice from cracking, while his eyes searched yours for a solution to keep you with him. “I can fix it!” Dongwoo desperately promised

“I just can’t do this anymore, I am really sorry Dongwoo” Your voice cracked before you walked past him, your shoulder brushing his, yet he just stood frozen.

“Dongwoo, let’s go” Sunggyu called from the van, Dongwoo looked over his shoulder and in the direction that you left from, watching your hair flow behind you, he dropped his eyes and nodded his head.

Sliding into his seat, he looked out the window while his tears rolled down his cheeks.

“Dongwoo is there something wrong?” Hoya asked, seeing Dongwoo’s tears fall as he watched from the back seat.

“______ broke up with me” Dongwoo’s soft voice cut through all of the noise in the car, everyone froze and turned their attention to him. “She’s gone” He pressed his sleeve covered hand over his eyes and started to sob.

“Why?” Woohyun questioned seriously

“I don’t know” Dongwoo whined through his sobs

Racing home, your legs hit the concrete like pistons, the warm tears streamed down your face, your heart racing faster than you can remember. Once you reached your apartment, you slammed the front door shut and threw yourself on top of your bed.

Sobs racked your body, reminding yourself to breathe, you reminded yourself that this was the best thing for him, you and his family.

Locking yourself away for a few days, all you could think about was Dongwoo. Wondering what he was doing, if his family was safe, and how your news affected him.

A knock on your door pulled you out of your thoughts, shuffling to the door, you wore your favorite black plaid pajama pants and your favorite light blue t shirt that Dongwoo gave you after a concert on your three month anniversary.

Turning the locks on your door, you brushed your hair out of your eyes and behind your ear as you opened the door. The sight that was before you caused your eyes to widen. It was Dongwoo, on his knees, with a bouquet of your favorite flowers and his eyes red and strained from crying, a nice button up shirt showed off the tears that had fallen from his eyes and his ripped jeans hugged his legs perfectly.

“D-Dongwoo, w-what ar-” You started to stutter, not expecting a visit from your ex boyfriend.

“_______, please take me back, I can’t live like this, without you.” Dongwoo cut you off, his eyes locked with yours and your thumbs hooked on the pockets of your pajamas.

“I-I can’t” You sighed and dropped your head once more

“Why can’t you? Did I hurt you?” Dongwoo’s eyes went wide, his heart beating faster, if he did hurt you, in any way, he would be blaming himself for the rest of his life.

“You didn’t hurt me.” You told him honestly, your eyes looking into his for once.

“Then what is it?” He pleaded, still on his knees

“I can’t tell you” You turned your head and folded your arms in front of you. “I’m sorry”

Starting to close your front door, you felt his hand push the door back against your hand.

“Please, just let me come in and talk with you” His large brown eyes looked up into yours, not being able to resist him and his eyes, you nodded and opened the door again.

Shuffling on his knees, he wrapped his arms tightly around your legs and rested his head against your stomach. The flowers were still in his hands and his hold around your legs only

Looking down at him, how tight he was holding you and his breath that was shaking. Reaching down, you gently pet his hair and he just held you tighter, after a few head pets, he looked up at you, his eyes already spilling his precious tears across his rosy cheeks.

“Why did you leave me?” The question he asked was simple and to the point. Knowing you couldn’t sugar coat it, you couldn’t lie for he would see right through you, you had to tell him the truth.

“It is a long story, come and sit on the couch” You pulled him up but his arms didn’t seem to leave your form.

Dongwoo’s arms wrapped around your shoulders and held onto your desperately.

“Just tell me like this” Dongwoo whispered, his head resting on your shoulder while you felt like you were holding a small child who just hurt himself.

Pushing the front door closed, you explained to him, right then and there that his manager threatened his family if she didn’t break up with him. Hearing his side of the story and the manager trying to convince him to break up with you too. No eyes were dry once you both had shared the events that lead up to the break up.

“_-_-______, I don’t w-want to l-l-leave you” Dongwoo choked out

“I don’t want to l-leave you e-e-either” You whimpered, your fingers just gripping the fabric of his shirt tighter. Letting the flowers fall to the ground, Dongwoo spread his fingers over your back and just pulled you closer to him.

“I’ll tell Sunggyu what happened and the members should have an idea of what to do” Dongwoo whispered against your hair, after a long silence of only whimpers and tears.

“Okay, Woo” You nodded against his strong shoulder.

His pair of strong, yet comforting hands gently moved along your back, your eyes slid closed as you heard his heartbeat and his soft lips pressed against your cheek and then his kisses traveled down your neck. His head rested against your shoulder, feeling like the silence wasn’t enough, he lifted his head back up and kissed your ear softly.

“I love you, ________” Dongwoo whispered ever so softly, sending chills down your spine, his cheek gently pressed against yours while he started to softly sway from side to side.

“I love you so much, Woo” You whispered in return.

Staying in each others arms for a while longer, the two of you pulled away from the extremely long hug, tilting your head up to see his. A pair of his thumbs gently brushed over your cheeks, wiping away your salty tears. The back of your fingers gently brushed away his tears before he leaned down and kissed your lips softly, reassuring you that everything will be perfect again.
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this is so sad! Bad managernim!
Very sad but but but there is a happy ending!
haha thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed it!!!