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Life has been really tough lately and I am starting to give up. There is nothing I can do. It is hopeless. If you care you will try to stop me.
One of my best friends has gone through some of the worst things any woman can. At one point she was so close to having it all; a great man, a family, home, good job. In what seemed to be the blink of an eye, everything was gone and now she's back to square one. She has been through all kinds of mental and physical torture i couldn't even imagine myself. Yes, she's thought about giving up, no one could really blame her if she did, but instead she picks herself up and finds meaning in every day, because the people who she has lost, made her realize how even the tiniest of reasons can be enough to keep pushing on to see where YOU can take your life. I don't know what hardships you're dealing with, but no matter how deep you dig, you can always climb back out with enough hard work.
First off: I never comment. But I need to. Yes I know it's hard. And I know that sometimes you put on a face and act like everything is okay, when in reality you want someone to ask you over and over until you finally confess. And I know that sometimes doesn't happen. But I also know that you are strong. You've lasted so long, and I know you will last even longer. And I know for a fact that people will miss you. People admire you, even if you never see it. So many people look up to you, and you'll never know it. They would be heartbroken. People everywhere, even on this media would miss you. I would miss you, and I think this is the first time we've spoken. I would be heartbroken, to find that someone that I was close to, through social media, was just... gone. So no. You should not. Never say that. No matter how hard it seems, it will get better. Someday, you'll be a parent, and watch your children grow up and it will all be worth it. You just have to be patient. But please. Don't take the gift of life God has given you. Enjoy it. Enjoy the simple pleasures of life: the sunrise, the stars, the laughter of a child. There are things worth living for in the world, no matter how messed up it may be at times. Just PLEASE. Live
besides, imagine all the anime and manga you'll never see if you did commit suicide.
please don't do it I have already had a bad week one of my best friends hung himself on the 24 of Jan and he was loved by so much people and mostly by me and his dad so stay strong lil soldier you can persevere
that is so sad , I'm so sorry for your loss love! may his soul rest in paradise馃檹
@LeviLasvegas Yo, you sent this message out 4 hours ago and you already got 9 people plus me that care about you. I'm not sure what your gender is or how old you are, but just remember that these feelings and thoughts are total crap. Just like roller coasters there's a high for every low. The way you feel now isn't how you're going to feel forever. If you're being bullied it is because someone else is jealous of you. They see something special inside of you and want to knock you down for it. If you feel alone try doing something new: join a sports team with friends, get a job (it seems dumb, but the hassle your coworkers is always enjoyable in a friendly banter. Plus you make money to do fun things), go to the gym or do some physical activity (it's a cliche, but a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. You don't have to become a muscular person, but exercising the body brings energy to it. I get depressed when I don't work out.), or do some community service (you help the community, meet new people, and take some time off your hands). Additionally I'd like to say where I live it is winter time which tends to give me seasonal depression. This is because the lack of sunlight from the sun going down early deprives my body of the vitamin D a human body produces when exposed to sunlight. If it is winter time where you live I suggest taking vitamin D tablets any day you feel down. I do this all the time and I usually feel a little better after an hour or so.
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