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Should I commit suicide?
Life has been really tough lately and I am starting to give up. There is nothing I can do. It is hopeless. If you care you will try to stop me.
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Please don't do it. 'You Only Live Once'. ONLY once. You wont get a second try. Things might change for you if you wait. All in good time.
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im sorry for being harsh but if you kill yourself youre a Bitch! everyone has it tough thats Life ! some people have it way worse than you. let the pain and sadness make u strong. giving up is for little weak bitches and Humans are genius apes that are meant to shine not be held back by our demons. so dont be a bitch
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@MoSstar she's right. I'm 22 years old now, but back when I was 16 I was just like you. I felt worthless, extra baggage and etc ...I actually was ready to take my own life prepared everything . Even a suicide note, but at the end I just said to myself "Give life an another chance and if it still doesn't work, I can take my own life then." Here I am now and to be honest, I'm glad that I did. There were so many new and awesome people that I met. Along with new memories. I know it's hard, when you
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It's okay. I'm not some triggered Tumblr user XD
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