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Mr. Visual aka Himchan
It's Tuesday Himchannie came out to kill some babyz
He can also play the piano, the drums, the guitar and the violin.
Started getting interested in hip-hop because of a friend he met in college.
When he was in kindergarten he was an extreme goofball. He used to get in a lot of trouble from his teacher because of that.
He was street-casted. He thinks his nose is his best feature and his philtrum is his worst.
He thinks his appeal is that he seems approachable and has a smooth image. He can’t sleep with the lights off because he thinks it’s scary.
If he could have a supernatural power it would be warping. Because he wants to sleep just a bit more, he would warp directly to the place they need to go to.
ok thats it for now. hope u all liked. ok bye bye for now.

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himchanny is adorable
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