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Hello everyone!!

Today is day 6 of the rainbow of the colors of the different clothes that Chanyeol wears!!!!!! :D Wow, that was an interesting way to call it cX

If you haven't realized at this point, I'm writing different ways to call this challenge every day so that it doesn't get boring~

Anyway, time to bring out the color green to the stage!! Woo~ Yay!! Chanyeol in green~!!!! *Cricket chirps* No...? Rude...

Bam!! There you go!!! An envious Chanyeol in green...urk....I mean, ummm....Who's envious? Cause I'm pretty sure Chanyeol isn't....Because why would he be envious? He's Chanyeol for god's sake!!

Ummm I think this "envious" feeling is dedicated to all of us Chanyeol stans...? Since umm.... I'm jealous of all the korean fans out there that actually get to see him in person and get to see him perform live!!

And I guess I'm jealous of his make-up artists and costume people who get to see him you know....But ya!! That's something to be jealous of!!!! .....Ya? Haha I'm totally off topic now Cx But I have to admit, finding Chanyeol wearing green was not easy. He doesn't seem to really like/wear green :l

But that's okay! Green is actually not one of my favorite colors either and I barely ever wear any green cX But I do like dark green. It can be kind of pretty at times, but definitely not one of my favorite colors out there :l

But of course, Chanyeol still looks hella good in it!! I mean, does he ever look bad in anything? Urk...umm.... I shouldn't lie....;;

Okay, so I was going to end this on a more happier note, but can I just say that I'm really really pissed off at Vingle right now....? Like, yesterday it ruined one of my cards so that I can't even see it on my computer and have to go on my phone to see it....

And now it even ruined my taglist on the Yellow Chanyeol day!!!! And I literally said not to get mad at Vingle and to just be happy, on that card!! And look at this now!! My entire taglists are just....gone!!!!

For crying out loud Vingle...Oh well, tomorrow is another day....Another day of colors.

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