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Hello everyone!!

So I'm quietly seething over here at Vingle for screwing up my Day 1 card and the Chanyeol card that I just posted today....>.> And I wouldn't be surprised if it screws up this card as well!!! Dx

Anyway!! Today should be happier (even if this card will get screwed up...) especially since it's day 2 of the challenge~ And the second question is: 10 Reasons You Love CNBlue?

Wow...This is going to be hard to just pick 10 things to love about them!! I mean, they're five grown men who are super attractive and cool looking, but then are also complete dorks!! Wait...That should be reason number 1!!!!

1. They're attractive and so cool looking, but are actually complete dorks.

2. Jungshin looks great with long hair and has a super sexy voice~

3. Jonghyun also has an amazing voice and kills me whenever he blesses us with it in their songs!!

4. Minhyuk is an incredible drummer and is super squishy!! But he's also the devil lying in wait for his hyungs (and Jungshin) cX

5. Yonghwa has such a pretty voice!! And will occasionally destroy my feels as he tries to take over as my ultimate bias~

6. CNBlue in general has such catchy and great songs that always put a smile on my face and I always have to just sing along with them!!

7. They're all tall and sexy~ And ya I know Jonghyun is the shortest of them and I often tease him for his height, but 5'9" is still pretty tall!!

8. All of CNBlue have been on Running Man!! Especially Yonghwa, who's been on the show quite a few times and always makes my heart scream whenever he comes on~!!

9. They all seem like super nice guys and don't even act like idols most of time (only when they're on stage where they perform like they're the kings of the stage!!)

10. They were my first ever k-rock group and probably will always be my ultimate k-rock group in my heart since their music is super amazing and all of the members are just perfect, and if any of them were to leave then the band would never be the same.

I really really do love these boys and I want to continue to support them and their music for a very long time! We give so much credit to boy and girl kpop groups, but what about the k-rock groups? They deserve love too!!

Really, I could go on for hours about why I love these boys so much and even longer once I learn even more about them. I hope you all give them a chance and make sure to support them as well!! They work hard too!!

Anyway, I'll see you all tomorrow for day 3!! And if you would like to join us in this challenge then please do!!!! I would love to see what you all had to say about these boys and how much you love them too~!! Come on~ it would really make my day ^-^

(Annnnnd I'm guessing Vingle broke this card as well....God damn it..... Yep.... It did....Now this will be my last time able to get onto this card on my desktop until they fix it...Thank you Vingle..................)

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