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So I hadn't realized until after doing this second Smut story that Valentines day is right around the corner. lol Oh my what good time to start writing these. I'm going to do smut shots for each member of its, between now and next week.
As for who is next, lol well Any suggestions on who should be on the next

Okay So warning Time

I woke up to something rubbing up and down my arm. I didn't want to open my eyes as I enjoyed the feel against my arm, caressing me gently.

"You have such pretty skin" his voice rumbled deep.
I cracked my eyes open just enough to see that Jin was staring at me.
"Such soft skin" he mumbled.
His fingers trailed up my arm and past my neck to cup my cheek.

"Y/N open your eyes. I know your awake" Jin mumbled. I slowly opened my eyes and stared at his face.
"Is it morning?" I asked in a whisper.
"No, its still dark out" he chuckled.
"Then why are you waking me up?" I groaned closing my eyes again.
"Because I had a good dream" he said.
"Hmm. What was it about?" I asked.
"About you riding me and letting me see your pretty skin glisten with sweat as the sun shined on you." He said. He spoke so evenly I was compelled to open my eyes to see his face. He was smiling at me.
"I woke up wanting the real thing" he said.
"But its dark out" I pointed out. My brain wasn't fully functioning.
"That's okay, I still want you to ride me" he said.
"Hmmm only if you can wake my body up for the task" I mumbled closing my eyes.
"I think I can do that" he said as his arm that was wrapped around my waist pulled me closer.

 My body was flush against his and I could feel his length against my belly. His fingers on the small of my back moved in small circles. He slowly moved his hand lower until he was cupping my butt, with a playful squeeze he moved his hand back up my back, past the small of my back and to the nape of my neck.
I felt his tongue dab at my lips and then his lips were pressed against mine. I opened my lips to allow him entrance, creating a deeper kiss between us.
My hands strayed from my chest to his. My fingers finding his nipples and I ran circles over the little pebbles, liking the way they felt.
A moan came out of me and he moaned. In a swift move he continued to kiss me  moved me to lay atop him. My hand moved from his chest to wrap around to his back. Feeling his bare skin under my fingers. It was so smooth.
I was kind of happy that he only had his boxers on, and I only had a camosle and underwear on.
Jin broke the kiss first pulling away. I pulled my arms away from him and sat up straddling his waist. Grinning I pulled my tank top off and watched his face as his eyes roamed over my body. Rolling my hips I pressed my core into him. His hands went to my hips and stilled me.
"Such beautiful breasts" he grinned.

Leaning up he pressed his mouth to one of them and wrapped his lips around the nipple. I felt his hands come up to press against the small of my back, they roamed up and down my back and he sucked my nipple. My head tilted back and I wrapped my arms around him. His fingers pinched at my other nipple as they found their way there. I rocked on him the entire time.
My panties were wet against my flesh.
"Are you awake now Y/N?" Jin asked.
"Oh yes" I moaned.
"Good" he chuckled as he kissed me.
Shifting around a little I pulled off his boxers, it was to much effort to take my own underwear off so I moved it to the side. Jin wrapped his fingers around the base of his cock and rubbed the tip against my slit. Tingles erupted and a shiver ran up my spine.
"You want this in you" Jin's voice was horse. "You want me to tease you until you can't take it anymore." I moaned as I pressed my hands to his chest. His smooth skin under my fingers, I was so focused on running my hands over his skin that I gasped when he slid inside me. My hands pausing I stared at his face and found his eyes.
"Ride me" Jin saidas he grinned at me.
I started rocking on him. I moved at a steady pace, hitting my g spot every time. At some point Jin started moving as well since the rhythm picked up.
I was about to reach my orgasm, so so close but he tried to pull out of me.
"No more please" I begged breathlessly. My hand went in between us to keep him where he was.
"Baby I'm coming" Jin said.
"Hold it" I groaned as I fingered my slit.
Jin looked down our bodies and pushed my hand away. When I pulled my hand Back he replaced it with his own fingers, pressing at my core. He used his fingers to create tingles.
"I got you baby, I got you" he was pulling out of me even as he started finger fucking me, hooking onto my g spot every time.
The sight of him fisting his own cock and finger fucking me was so erotic I came at the same time as him.
"Jin" I moaned.
"So pretty, . . . so good . . . just like my dream" he breathed out.

I chuckled as I stretched atop him.
"I don't know about you, but I'm completely awake for the day" I grinned at him.
"U/N" he groaned.
"Another round?" I said. Jin could only chuckle.
"Get the condoms this time" Jin adviced.
"So you can actually finish the job?" I teased as I got off him. I slid my underwear off before grabbing a strand of condoms in the desk drawer opposite of the bed.
"Oh I can finish any job I start" Jin said sitting up. He crooked his finger at me, beckoning me to come back go bed.
"Oh prove it baby" I teased walking back to him.

Oh my, waking up in the middle of the night for a little nookie lol Jin you are so touchy feely, at least that's how I think Jin would be, very touchy Feely

yikes! it's getting hot in here....can i pick one I want to read next? Jimin please....I really want that one....Cuz....well it's Jimin lol
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right i was gonna kill you but the fact that there is gonna be a Jimin story made it ok
"You have such pretty skin" 'I wonder what it would look like on me'