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Let's just say its COLORFUL.

Watch here~

1. I LOVE the opening beat, it had me from the first 5 seconds!
2. The Rookie Rookie thing was so annoying at first but by the second chorus I am totally into it!
3. I can't wait to see the full choreo!
4. Yeri's hair is everything
5. Overall I am very confused but I dig it hahahahahaha

It's not as easy to listen to as their other songs but its already stuck in my head!

Yaaaaa it's very...colorful o.o And I'm not sure if I like it either, but it wasn't as bad as it thought it would have been. I'm interested to see what theories will go along with the MV, though. Oh, and the puppets at the beginning scared the crap put of me!!
the song was so catchy and one of my friends said it look like something that came out of a kyary pamu pamu music video
omg totally! especially that flower guy hahaha