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While Jiyong’s out of the room, Jak hears her phone coming from somewhere in the living room. She misses the call from her agent but calls her right back.
“Morning JiHye, sorry I missed your call, couldn’t find my phone.”
“Jak, thank you for calling me back so quickly.”
“Sure, what’s up?”
“I’m getting calls from reporters. Have you seen the news rags this morning?”
“Um, not really, I slept in and am just getting moving. Why?”
“You have to see it, I can’t explain it. We really can’t get upset about it. But they want a formal answer from you, so I need one.”
“Oookay, about what? Did someone die? Is my family okay?”
All sorts of crazy horrible things start playing through Jak’s head. Did someone blame her for something? She tries to remember everything from the last week.

“I don't think anything's been on fire lately...Wait.. is it those anti-fans from the G-Dragon shoot? Crap I forgot all about them, do I need a lawyer? Are they sueing me?”
“Jak! Settle down! Good grief girl let me get a word in,” she hurriedly says with a chuckle. “What anti-fans? What don’t I know? Fire? You set a fire somewhere?”
“Umm…no, not to my knowledge. Just tell me what I need a statement for.”

She hears and then feels Jiyong come up behind her; also on the phone.
“Hold up a minute,” she says and places her thumb over the speaker when he turns her around.
“Time to ‘fess to the public. You said not 5 minutes ago you weren’t backing out, still feel that way?”
Jak looks at him a minute than rolls her eyes, “This is about us? How did they find out so fast? Who squealed? Do I get to pound on one of the guys?”
Jiyong laughs, “No and I’m not exactly shy about you. From what I can tell, my not letting go of you all evening created a bit of a stir.” He winks at her, “Ready?”
She shrugs and snarks, “I’ve got nothing to hide and I couldn’t hide you if I tried.”
She goes back to her phone call and yelps as she’s pulled backwards onto his lap.

“Sorry, pests and I lost my footing. Is this about the PeaceMinusOne event last night?”
“Yes, thank you. From the pictures I’m seeing I take it you went as GDragon’s date? Something he said about not being photographed without you, you not leaving his side except for a short time the whole evening. They would like an official statement if you and GDragon are dating?”
“Yes,” she states quickly and firmly.
“Yes? Seriously?!? How long have you been dating him? I want that for my info, I don’t care if they know. Damn girl, I am jealous as hell.”
Jak laughs, “Thanks. Yeah, I’m still a bit stunned myself but he makes me really happy.”
She leans back and kisses his neck, than sprawls backwards on the couch, leaving her legs in his lap.
“I will ward off any other questions, I’m sure GDragon is on the phone as well with YG? They will put out the official statement, our part can just be the byline, “Jak’s agent confirms”.”
“Yep, they called right before you and that sounds great. Thanks JiHye, anything else?”
“No. Since you say they called, I’m assuming you’re with him so I’ll let you go. Details girl, when I get a hold of you. I want the ins and outs of this. I knew those pictures were too hot to be a fluke. I’ll see you the day after tomorrow ... be on TIME.”
“Yes ‘mam. Byeee.”

Jak hangs up and listens in on the rest of his conversation. She's trying really hard to hold still as she figures he has no idea he is mindlessly stroking her leg as he talks. Damn being ticklish.

“They don’t need details.” Pause “Fine, whatever. You can say we’ve been getting to know each other over the last 4 months and just started dating officially. And that yes, we are very happy.” With the last part he reaches over and ruffles her hair.
Jak’s eyes grow big and she's ready for war. With her legs in his lap she starts kicking and pushing at his thighs, trying to push him off the couch. He grabs her legs and holds tight while finishing up his call. Upon hitting end, he tosses his phone to an opposite chair and slides her back over to him.
“You look upset, why aren’t you happy? I just told them we're happy!” He than asks in an annoying sing song voice, “Why so serious?!?”
She falls backward with a groan but starts laughing. He puts her legs behind him and begins crawling forward slowly, whispering and turning his head from side to side, “Why so serious?”

When he reaches her head he stops and throws his arms in the air yelling, “BE HAPPY!”
He was being such an adorable dork she couldn’t stop laughing and sought revenge.
With his arms up she yells, "Woot woot woo" and begins tickling him. They fall off the couch and onto the floor with a thud. He decides she’s had enough of being ‘happy’ and exacts the same torture. After a few minutes she yells “Give! I give! Noooooooooo....STOOOOOOOOP!”

He rolls onto his side next to her, head resting on his arm. “You give? What do you give me?”
After catching her breath she rolls over to face him and mimics his stance.
“I was taught that relationships are partnerships, why am only I giving? That’s awfully selfish.”
He lay on his back and stare at the ceiling while counting off, “I invited you over, I let you sleep in my bed, I let you pick the movie, I offered to feed you....I’m being selfish?”
She rests her arm and chin on his chest looking down at him. She begins to draw circles as she replies, “I accepted, I wasn’t given an option, I was told to chose, and I still haven’t seen any food. In fact, you threw what I did have away. Ruuude.”
He nods in all seriousness and kisses her nose, “Sorry, I forgot. It was the phone call, we should feed you before you become a cannibal.”
He gets up and holds his hand out to her. There’s a funny look on her face, and he stops to ask, “What?”
Trying to look innocent she shakes her head, “Nope, not biting on that one.”
It takes him a minute and she can see the instant he realizes what's being said. He reels her in tightly, “So if I don’t feed you food, I may get what I want sooner rather than later?”
She squints her eyes at him, “If you don't FEED me, you won’t like what you get or you may simply never get what you want. You won’t like me when I’m hangry, FOOD .." she pushes on his chest, "find me FOOD.”
He backs up, hands up in front, “Okay, okay I get it.... too bad I don’t have a snickers.” He tries to say and be funny.
“Mm.." she gets a starved look on her face, "a snickers sounds real good." She leans over and nips at his arm as she passes him, "Words to remember, “I’m not me when I’m hungry.” Now, FEED ME!” @ElishaFisher @pharmgirlerin @HayleyYates @MaryWhite13 @lemonlassie @tinytreeleaf @MaritessSison @KarolinaTrevino @Kpopbeat @ammagrande @starbell808 @Faith92 @SindyHernandez @NadineEsquivel @JaxomB @WolfLune @FromBlue2U @SarahDarwish @Jaysbae13
Yay! they are official and so adorable together!
They're so cute 😍