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Hello lovelies, Jasmyn here. I'm back with another Renjun Saturday and today I'm going to post part of my fan fic I wrote about Renjun and Chenle (this is for last week by the way, I'll post the rest on Saturday this week since I've finally gotten the hang of Vingle!) The name of the fan fic is Korea Bound. I hope it's okay! By the way, before you start all of the italicized words are flashbacks (one time) or he's talking/thinking to himself (mostly this option) and the bolded words are when Chenle and whoever he is talking to (Renjun) are speaking Chinese.
Chenle wasn't pissed. He was beyond that. He was livid. He couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"Chenle sweetie, I got a new job!"
"That's great mom!"
"There's only one problem..."
"What is it?"
"My new job isn't in our town..."
"That's okay."
"Sweetie, it's in South Korea....We leave next week."
"You should start packing as soon as possible."
"You're not mad sweet pea?"
"No, it's fine. I'll make new friends." He lied.
"Oh thank you sugar pie! This'll be a great new start for us!"
He smiled at his very ecstatic mother. He knew he'd be leaving his hometown, but if she was happy that was all that mattered.

He couldn't believe that he had to leave his hometown. He was fine with it yesterday, but now? Not so much. Leaving China meant he had to leave his friends and everything he loved. He was being forced to leave the familiarity of his hometown and being forced into some foreign place that was still unknown to him. Hell, leaving Shanghai and moving to God knows where in South Korea meant that he'd have to learn a new language. It took him three years to learn Mandarin and he doesn't want to waste another three of his life trying to learn Korean. Not to mention communicating would be hell because he couldn't speak the language and he wouldn't be able to talk to kids to make new friends. He could already tell moving was going to be a huge fucking deal and a lot of work, and he so wasn't ready for it.
That's it for this part, so Chow for now and always remember:

~Stay Beautiful.

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could you tag me for new chapters of this story? i like how you started it and want to read more😋
Of course!