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Hello lovelies, Jasmyn here. This previous week was the top three performances for Infinite and since Vingle was being salty with me, I never got to post this *sad face*. So here's my Late card for my top three performances/shows/ etc. (I just can't even with this tbh,)

Number 3: Be Mine 2x speed.
all I can say about this is talent. They have it and it's undeniable at this point. They are super talented (and they all look super good in this video, especially a red hoodie wearing leader who needs to stay in his lane because my bias was supposed to be Woohyun but has already been replaced by my sunshine Sungyeol.)

Number 2: tied between Bad and The Eye Live.
I can't even choose between these videos because both are so good.

Number 1: You all know what's coming don't you?.....Trouble Maker by JongYeol. #MyshiphasSAILED
FEELS, I CAN'T I'M LEAVING NOW. I'M GONE. Chow for now and always remember:

~Stay Beautiful.


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Who can't love this ball of choding sunshine!!
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I love their troublemaker performance! ❤
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Infinite wouldn't be Infinite without our Yeolie
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