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Wait...wait....TOP don't go...I promise I really don't bite!!! Please stay with me.... for the results!! Let's put the Art pieces down...Bae..I will get you the "chair" OK!?

This wonderful game were posted by one of our beautiful TOP Community supporter @VeronicaArtino
Below is the link to her card!!!
I can really see me drink Wine ssss.....and drop dead on the ground....
OK nice for the first date!!
He definitely look fine!!!!
Doesn't look like something I were eat...too spicy but not bad for my "hot" date
Somehow the results on this is blank....I think it means I can fill out the blank on my own....hmm....I think the answer should be "half hour"!!!!
Nice Big Diamond!!!
Wow Princess dress..I love the lace!!!!
Outdoor wedding with white flowers!!! My favorite!!! but let me take my allergy medicine.
GD!!! yeah!!! I ship GTOP!!! even on My wedding day!!!
Nice view!!! comments on this
@KwonOfAKind.... remember I said..."I will be working on that"...look I got 6 kids. (The baby with the red Apple is so cute)
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"a half hour" I'm rolling 😂😂😂 you better invite me to the wedding ~~ I guess you guys did "work" on the kids afterall lol ~~~👌👌 #Perverts lol 🙄🙄
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@lovetop it makes sense there not enough time considering you guys got married after only 30 minutes of dating lol ~~~ Me and GD will watch over V-Live~~ *cough* I'm going to borrow GD ...TOP'S best man....*cough* for eternity ....*cough* or longer 🙄🙄