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"Don't leave me alone! Please don't! " I cry even harder.

" I promise I wont. " he kisses the top of my head. He picks me up and lays me on the couch that's in the studio room. He was about to walk away but I grab his hand and pull him beside me.

"Don't go can u stay here till I fall asleep? " I hold onto his hand.

"Of course" he smiles at me and pets my hair.

-----next morning-------

Uggh I hate mornings. I just want to lay here. I open my eye slowly and try to focus them. I see Namjoon sleeping peacefully on the floor beside the couch that I'm on. He's holding my hand. He kept his promise. I smile to myself. I let go of his hand carefully and stand up. As I'm about to take a step Namjoon grabs my hand and pulls me down to him. I lay on his chest.

"Uh namjoon" I hesitate "What are you doing? " he hugs me tightly.

"Your just so huggable and I feel safe when your protected in my arms. " I blush. I hear someone unlocking the studio door and I shove myself away from him. I see his members walk in.

I try my best to not make eye contact with Suga or V.

"Hey (y/n) did u sleep well" Suga smirks at me. I hide behind Namjoon. Why do things like this always happen to me. I want to cry I hate what they tried to do.

"Yes she's fine just leave her alone. " Namjoon barks at him. The tention in the room becomes awkward for the other members who don't know what's going on.

"Hey guys what if we go get some breakfast? " Jin insists. We all nodd.

We head to an ihop and gave our orders.

"Will you excuse me guys ima use the bathroom." I went and used the bathroom that's in a hallway. As I walk out I get slammed into the hallways wall. My mouth gets covered by a hand. It's Suga's hand.

I try to squirm out of his grip.

"Now now (y/n) let's be a good girl." He squeezes his grip even tighter. It hurts so bad. V comes out from the men's bathroom.

"Ahhh hello (y/n) having fun there?" he luaghs. "Now" he grabs my head and slams the back of my head to the wall. I collapse to the ground. "Why the fuck would you tell Namjoon what we did? " He kicks my gut. "Huh!? " He kicks me even harder. I cough out a little bit of blood. V kneels down beside me and pulls my hair up to face him.

"If you ever tell Namjoon anything that we do to you " he leans to my ear, "We will kill him."

They both walk back to the table. I don't want Namjoon to die he has such a sweet heart. So loving and caring. This world needs more people like him. I limp my way over to the table.

"(y/n) are you okay?!?!? " Namjoon walks towards me and wipes the blood off my lip.

"What happened?!?! " I look over his shoulder and see V and Suga staring at me.

"I uh slipped. I didn't see the slippery floor sign." I managed to make a fake giggle.

"Don't worry about it let's eat. " I fakely smile at him.

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