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Is He Acting Or Being Himself???
Ok so I haven't gotten around to seeing Joonmyeon's new drama The Stars In Our Universe however....I did see some short clips and OH MY GOSH IS HE ACTING OR JUST BEING JOONMYEON???
Ok so I can seriously imagine Suho doing that...he might be a dork but he can be savage when he wants to be...

However savage Joonmyeon can never last long cause we all know he's a dork...a cute and embarrassing dork
And he even sleeps with a rabbit plushie!!! How can you not adore him???

You can watch Joonmyeon's new drama on Naver or Vlive (I'm not sure about Vlive though cause it says not available for me so...)

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Oh my jesus I must watch this!!!!!!!! 😍😍❤💕
10 months ago·Reply
He is so funny.
10 months ago·Reply
He is so Cute!!!!!
10 months ago·Reply
Junmyeon love of my life. savage as hell and fluffy as life
10 months ago·Reply
I am loving the drama so far. Just makes me fall deeper for Junmyeon!! Freaking adorable!!!!!!! I can't wait to see more!!!!
10 months ago·Reply