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Too many happy clowns (>_<)..How many sad clowns can you find???
okay, i got it sis....the 1st clown is at the top right near the corner, the 2nd is at the bottom right corner, now the 3rd one, i knew he had to be either upside down or side ways, so finding him with my phone was much easier, turn your phone counter clockwise and you can see his large face underneath all the other clowns...its very very tricky b/c its hard to distinguish but you can make out his eyes and he has a large frown/lips...i think this one would have been awesome if it was 3D b/c it would be easier to point out....*now for others,on the pc...cox your head to the right to find him that way, its a huge face underneath all the clowns*...
Nicely done!:)))
@janekhon ahh i'm glad i only missed one! :) now to find that 3rd one...
There actually 3 of them there....looks like u missed one:)))
i only see 2 that are reallyyyy sad.... i can't tell if the others are really sad or not!!!