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Warning ahead: Slight Language

Hello Hello lovely Inspirits!! I hope the day has been well!! Since today is just random (no theme) I'm going to be doing a mix up! Shall we begin~
Let's start off with something fun! The members changing most of the parts to sing on the others.

I added Namu solo mv in this because it's beautiful and why not!

I'll be throwing a few gifs here and there too~

*cough* Sweet bromance~ *cough*

Now to his sub unit (ToHeart) ^^ with none other than Shinee Key!

\^0^/ Beautifully sad, but to me also calming.

Now more gifs! lol I am being so random xP

See a beautiful moment between 2Woo, a hidden dimple!, and chest artwork <3 <3 <3

Now for a bit of Woohyun acting.

This is him acting angry

Then a mixture of acting not only with Woohyun, but L too ;)

Btw it won't be too much longer before Namu birthday arises! Hope you guys are ready for what's in store!

That's it for now Inspirits! I hope you enjoyed!!

Wah, this card was great!!!
Thank you~~ :D
I love your style of random!! This a great card.
\^0^/ Thank you!! I couldn't help myself! :D
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