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***SPOILER ALERT*** (Ep1LIVE) - Kim Tan dropped Eunsang in her place .. and seems like the house is abandoned so Kim Tan was hesitating for a while and leave.. After a while a bunch of americans came near in Eunsang's place.. Eunsang was scared while waiting outside the house where Kim Tan dropped her off.. Eunsang walked off of the house and then Kim Tan came again... Kim Tan Saved Cha Eunsang twice already in the 1st Episode... what are your thoughts in the 1st ep???
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its torture... Viki is not gonna have it. where can I watch it??
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@irelis27 ... here's the viki link, not sure if there are eng. subs ... we don't get viki in the UAE ... :'( http://www.viki.com/videos/1017661v
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Thanks @divalycious!!
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ok so I was finally able to watch, though I did not understand what they said... it was an overall 5/10! Im still not hooked! Buts I love all the stellar actors... so of course I shall keep watching!! Awaiting great things ;)
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