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Lee Min Ho Sshi
I'm sure lee min ho won't forgive me if he sees this fan art I made of him,its so hilarious.I couldn't resist the eyes tho so I had to upload it.forgive me lee min ho oppa.LOL!!!
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chingu lmh Oppa would just love it u r a great artist and u did an awesome job please keep it up Oppa really love and appreciate his fanart a lot :-)♥♥♥
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Oppa posted his cover photo w fanart made from his fans and kept it as his cover on fb 4 soooo longgg Oppa really love and appreciate his fanart alot Sooo keep it up bcs Ur art skills are really nice and Oppa would definitely appreciate dis and i love it 2 u r a good artist chingu :-)♥♥♥
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Aww thanks chingu :) that means a whole lot.thanks for the encouragement :-))
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