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It seems like Vingle has gone and punched the boulder with this new update. It seems like the almighty power ONCE given to moderators is now gone.
There used to be a "Hide Card from Community" Button which basically allowed a moderator to remove any card not related to there community from the that said community. Ex: You're apart of the DBZ community but someone post something about spongebob's new season being the moderator of said DBZ community could remove it from that said community and now they can't
See It's right there, "Have the ability to remove irrelevant cards from their community" Vingle themselves stating this in the 2017 Q1 Moderator recruiting card
I don't know why the option has been removed but I graciously ask @VingleEnglish to put back the option, giving power to the moderators to "moderate" their respective communities.
I like Vingle and I like being the Bleach (Anime) moderator but when I can't control what's seen in said community it really doesn't make sense to have moderators at that point now does it?
I'd love to hear a response from anyone who has any information on the matter thank you and thanks for reading :)
Hi @ZephyrBlaze, the moderator option will be back in 24 hours. We couldn't support it along with all the other changes in the update immediately but now that the initial changes are set in place we can put the option back in. We never were going to take it away from moderators and we've already communicated with the moderators that asked us on the update card.
@VingleEnglish Oh well then my sincerest apologies I appreciate the response as well as the time and consideration you have given this issue :) Also Thank You :3
Its not really all that bad you just have to report the card now like the other Vinglers here. And the whole point of being Moderators is to make fun moments and represent the community along with your crew (If you have one). You still get to do the other things the only difference is when you see a card that doesn't belong you have to report instead of immediately removing it from the Community. I've reported some cards that dont belong already and they have been successfully removed so there is really no need to put it back if you can still do your job right?
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@AimeBolanos Being a mod is for me I love Bleach and want to spread as much fun as possible for it...I don't have money for giveaways though v.v I do love to talk about Bleach it's just when I see these cards I could have removed before it irritates me. Moderator power was something that we had and is now taken away for no unknown reason. It's not the only thing I think about as being a moderator it's something that was an option before and isn't now, all I would like to know is why and if I could have it back.