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A knife held over Mino neck. Ruby began to worry. Then all of a sudden, a man with a scar on his face appeared. Jiyong quickly bow and called him "Master". Ruby's eyes open wide and Mino couldn't see though, due to being blindfolded. Jiyong stand beside the Master.

"Good Job, Jiyong. Seems like you will fit just right.?"
"Master are these who you been looking for?"
"yes. Especially her. She is the one who betrayed you. He also tried to kill you."

Mino began to struggle after hearing that he tried to kill his own brother. It wasnt true. He doesnt like of what this man is saying. Then the guy that was holding Mino, grabbed Mino and began to sit him on his knees.

"Jiyong I bet they go saying that he is your twin right that you lost your memory and that you was shot by someone else."
"Yes, But how did you..."
"Because I know the only truth. I got evidence that your brother tried to kill you as he killed your mother."

Jiyong quickly swinged his head to Mino. His anger was building up. Then ruby began to run towards Jiyong and pull his hand. She began to shake her head "no" that what ever this man is saying, its lies. But Jiyong grabbed Ruby by the arm and push her down to the floor.

"I rather not have them killed instanly. I rather make thier death be painful and torture them till they tell me the truth."
"That's very understandable. Boys, let's go"

Jiyong grabbed ruby by her hair and began to drag her. She struggled and struggled but Jiyong wont let go. Then he got pissed off an picked up Ruby then he quickly slapped her so hard till she fell on the floor.

"I dont give a shit anymore about my past, but I know the fututre. And in the future, you or Mino will not exist."

Ruby began to shake of fear. Then Jiyong lifts her up and then push her to begin walking. Ruby then began to walk. Then the master looks at Ruby and Jiyong began to walk ahead. The master gets close to Ruby and began to whisper in her ears.

"He is waiting for you Ruby. Ready to strip your flesh off"

The man began to walk ahead and began to laugh. Then they all arrive in a mansion build in a hill in the middle of the forest. Ruby stopped an she began to have issues with breathing. Then Mino grabs her and just look at her.

"Let's go!!" Jiyong yelled.

Mino and Ruby jumped from his tone of voice, then they began to walk ahead. As they enter, Jiyong grabbed some ropes and he began to tie them together. Then he blindfolds them again.

"Jiyong please dont do this."
"Shut up..."
"Please Jiyong, Im your brother. I never done that..."

Jiyong quickly screamed at Mino and then punched him in the face. Mino fell to the ground with a huge shock in his face. He looked at Jiyong and saw the anger and the rage in his eyes. Ruby went to MIno and helped him stand up. Jiyong blinfolds them and he began to pull them downstairs to a basement. As soon they arrived Jiyong tie them into a chair. Then he took thier blinds off.

"I want you guys to tell me the truth and since the little bitch cant speak you will do the talking Mino."
"Why would I want to kill you Jiyong?"
"Why you killed mother"
"I didnt. We only saw our mother got killed which was...well.."
"Well what?"
"We was used to seeing our father kill. When he killed mother we never cried and we never showed remorsed. We even agreed with our father to kill mom."
"What kind of fuck are you? You agreed ?"
"NO... WE agreed. We always do everything together."

Jiyong stand and punched Mino on the face. The chair was nailed on the floor that Mino didnt even move an inch. Jiyong walked towards a table and he uncover it. Mino and Ruby saw all the tools of torture. He lift up a nail remover and walked towards Ruby. Ruby looked at Jiyong with feared eyes. She began to shake her head and she was crying. Jiyong smiled. He grabbed one of Ruby's finger and he was about to place the removal on her fingernail. Then Mino began to scream.
Mino began to scream and squirm on his seat. Jiyong began to laugh at the sight he sees.

"Your pathetic piece of shit. Why protect her for?."
"Please you cant hurt her. You will regret this."
"Regret what? To hurt her. Please dont make me feel pity. Only cuz she is a girl. All I see is a bitch and a low life fucker."

Mino looked at Jiyong and his anger began to build in but he cant do nothing. He felt hopeless. Jiyong grabbed Ruby's finger and began to put the nail removal on the nail. Then he looked at Ruby and all he saw was her tear.

"You dont want me to do this huh?"

She shakes her head "no

"Ok sweety. This is ... OVER!!!"

Jiyong quickly pressed the lever and snapped the nail off of Ruby's finger. Ruby screamed and her tears began to pour down her cheeks. All you can you hear is Jiyong laughter. Then he placed it on the other finger and then snapped it off again.

"Jiyong...JIYONG!!!! STOPPP!!"

Jiyong stopped what he was doing and turn his head to Mino. Mino was breathing heavy and Jiyong can see the anger that its building in him. Jiyong grabs a bat and then walks towards to Mino.

"What your going to do man?
"Come on Jiyong .. dont do this. Im your brother Jiyong. We was always together Jiyong. How cant you not remember that. we even killed other people together for fun. Jiyong your my brother .... dont do this."

Jiyong smiled big but in the most sinister way. Mino froze and then Jiyong picked up the bat and then he quickly swings across Mino's face. Mino began to bleed and he quickly began to have double vision. Then another swing to another. Jiyong grabbed him by the hair and then he looks at Mino at the eye. Mino's vision got back to normal and he saw Jiyong looking at him with a serious look. Mino saw that Jiyong eyes is black with anger and his expression is cold. Jiyong grinned and saw how he is slowly breaking Mino's point.

Then the door open from above and Jiyong stan and then he push off Mino's head. Jiyong saw Him coming down. Jiyong bows and Ruby began to shake of fear of seeing Him again. Then Mino began to lift his head up and when he did. At that moment, Mino forgotten that he was in pain. Mino's eyes filled in with tears but also his rage was filled with hate.

"No way.... this cant ..wait."
"Look time no see Mino. Seems like you have meet the new brother of yours."
"No no no... this cant be.. How are yu even alive?"
"You see my boy, I told you and your brother before That i am unbreakable. I will never go down."

Jiyong began to get a but confused.

"Sir, I must know .... what he has done to you in the past."
"Nothing, but he was weak in the family."
"Yes, you see. Mino and you are my son's"
"Yes, its why he must go because I always tried to protect you but Mino always tends to have you all to himself to cover his errors. So he killed your mother aand blamed it on me. I got in trouble by the feds but I escaped. Then I began to find you to keep you safe."
"No Jiyong, dont listen to him. He is a liar. He was the one who made us become like we are. we are killers Jiyong, and so is he. We used to always watch him kill and even rape women. He said that what he does is helpful for us when we grow up. This man may be our father but he is the devil."

Him began to laugh and Jiyong just stood thier and couldnt believe of what is going on. Then Jiyong looks at Him and began to remember of how Him took care of Jiyong when he was at the hospital. Jiyong knows how much he trusts HIm than what he can trust Mino.

"Sir whos the bitch?"
"I never thought i will be speaking the truth in this type of situation. You know what... I will tell the truth about her when we have dinner. So Jiyong clean them up and bring them upstairs to the dinning room. We will finish this conversation and get to the conclusion for thm. Understood?"
"Yes, sir."

Him began to leave the basement. As he close the door, Jiyong turn towards Mino and he saw Mino's face went blank and white. It's like he saw a ghost. Then he turn himself towards Ruby she was just in pain and she was bleeding alot on her fingers. Jiyong turned around and put his hands on his hair and then began to rub it with frustratons. he dont know what to think or what to believe. so many things happened in one day.

"Mino, whats going on? Is he really our father."
"Yes... he is our father. he is the one who gave us a childhood of blood and screams. We saw him also killed our mother and we didnt even cared. we never cried."
"Why did we even agreed to have her killed?"
"Because she was about to runaway and take us from our father. At tht time we loved our father like he is everything. But after mom's death and when he went to court and jail. The truth began to show light. "
"The truth?"
"He began to deny us and he said that he was about to kill us but couldnt because the cops came. he said that he hated us and he never clamied us when he left from jail."

Jiyong looks at Mino. He began to feel pressured. Then he untied Mino.Mino fell to the ground of weakness due to the hit he received by the bat. Jiyong bends down and lift up Mino, and then tied his hands.

"Come on, I dont know who to believe but I must do my job."
"Jiyong, I hope you believe what im saying. we was always together we even protected Ruby as a very close friend. We was always together till one day Ruby got kidnapped. We never stopped looking for her for years till we found her again. believe me when I say that we brothers cuz we are more than brothers."
"Come on Mino."

Jiyong dragged Mino into a pole and tied him thier. Mino then looked at Ruby.

"Please, help her."

Jiyong walked towards Ruby and began to let her go. Once he let her go, she fell into his arms. Ruby grabbed Jiyong by the shirt and held on tight and she cried into his chest. Jiyong stood frozen and couldnt do nothing but look at her and just let her hug him and cry. Then he lifts her up an carried her to a table. He lay her down and grabbed her fingers. He then puts alcohol and then put bandages on them. Then he ties her hands and began to walk up the stairs. Beore Jiyong open the door to head to the dinning room he turns around and looks at Mino and Ruby.

"If you want me to believe and do a wise decision. Then promise me to not make any move how so ever and stay quiet till we have the conversation. Understood."

They both nod in aggreement. Then they all three began to walk towards the dinning room. a huge table full of food in many beautiful texture to colors. They smelled so delicious and it looks very delicious.

Jiyong sat ruby and Mino down. The Jiyong tied them to the table but for some reason he didnt tied it tight. Jiyong then sat across from Mino and Ruby. Then Him arrived. Everyone stood quiet and he sat down facing all of us. Soon two men stand behind him. Ruby then quickly gasped as she saw them.

"Seems like Ruby remembers them. So please eat and enjoy."

Mino and Ruby had to eat with their hands tied together. Jiyong picked up his sticks and began to eat.

"Seems nice to see my children eat all together."
"Children?" said Mino.
"Yes, my son and my step-daughter!"
"Step-daughter?!" MIno and Jiyong said at the same time.

Ruby put her head down and then Him began to laugh.

"Yes. You see. The bitch ass mother you had fucked another man and had this piece of shit. Its why I killed her daddy and them your mother. So say hello to your sister."

MIno and Jiyong looked at Ruby.

Im sorry for making ti sooo short.... but trust me, it will get better. Till next time my loves!!! ^.^

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