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It was the day before Valentine’s Day and you were really scared and nervous. This was you and Suwoong’s first Valentine’s Day together. You all have only been dating for about 4 months now, and told you that he had a surprise for you. You slowly were preparing what you were going to say to him tomorrow, because neither one of you have told one another I love you yet. Slowly sitting down at the table you start to stroke the card with the pen writing a poem for him. Your mind starts flooding back of all the memories you had before you met him. Your life was a storm that you never thought would go away from your mother dying to being left out on the street. Then you met him, walking by you one day on the side of the street. He had given you this empathic look and asked you if you needed any help. You had remembered saying, “Yes I do, but I couldn’t accept it from you because you’re famous and that would look wrong.” From that day forward you never doubted another famous person for their kindness again. He helped you and in the process started liking you and had fallen in love with him. The words finally came to you mind on what you would say to him, and it was simple. “I love you Suwoong, for you, I am deeply in love with the thought of just you. Thank you for stopping that day on the side of the road.” you wrote on the card. You heard the door open up after you closed the card, and it was Suwoong saying,” Close your eyes my love I’m home!” You heard him walking into the room and he told you to open your eyes. When you did you saw him in a dress shirt with khakis holding this little puppy. “I love you so much Y/N I got you this angel I named Hope, because you give me hope in everyday that things can turn around.” He cheered and came over to you and kissed you handing you hope. You handed him your card and smiled. While he read the card you saw tears in his eyes and said, “I love you too, please never leave.”
Guys I hope you all enjoy! This one is for the Boys Republic community!! I will be trying to do one for each and multiple in some.

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