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A/N: Okay so I hope you guys enjoy this chapter and I am trying to post this story more consistently so stay tuned for a chapter tomorrow too!!
Summary: would you ever let anyone in after finding out that you can't be together forever?
You were now just sitting at a bench near your exhibit, "Its best if you just stay here and let mom handle everything..." Youngjae said as Jimin handed you a bottle of water, "Okay..." You sniffled as your brother grabbed your water bottle and opened it,"Drink Y/N..." You were too tired and too numb to fight back so you just did everything he told you to. You looked up at Jungkook, Jin and Suzy,"You guys can discuss your business matters...JK I'm going to head out and clear my thoughts okay?" Jungkook nodded but before you can stand up Youngjae grabbed your hand,"Y/N its dangerous for you to go out right now I'll go with--" "Its fine I'm not a child anymore...just I need time to think...time to process..." You motioned your hands with a sloppy circle, "...Everything..." Youngjae thought for a moment and nodded,"Fine...but keep your phone open. And answer when you hear it ringing or I will make sure you are not allowed to leave my side ever again." You laughed,"Thanks I will..." You then took a deep and headed to your car. Once you got in the car you stared at your phone and turned it off. You then drove off campus. After thirty minutes or so you arrived at the nearest beach. You got out of your car and headed to the cliff. You stared down at the rocks and the water as you took a deep breath and screamed from the top of your lungs,"Grammy! Take care of yourself!!! And Fuck you Kim Seokjin!!" You then sat down at the edge dangling your feet. Tears streamed down your face as you held onto your grandfather's camera. You snapped pictures of the sky and the rocks. You smiled and laughed at the low resolution. "Take care of her Grampy..." After a few more hours of just you contemplating at the edge of the cliff you had stood up and screamed this time no words was said just you letting out everything pent up inside. After a whole two minutes of just you screaming your throat had started to hurt. You felt a burning sensation but you ignored it. You felt the stares from the strangers walking by but you ignored those too. You had stopped feeling numb so you just went up and left the beach and back to your car. When you finally got back to your car it had already gotten dark. "Uh oh Youngjae is going to lose it." You coughed trying to get rid of the rough sensation on your throat but it did nothing. When you had gotten back to your apartment it was already completely dark and you had finally remembered to open your phone. 12 Missed calls. 35 Unread text messages. Most were from Youngjae and your parents. Some was from Jimin,Nayeon and Jungkook. Oddly enough one was from an unknown number. You guessed it was from either Suzy or Jin. But you just looked over the voice mails. And read all their messages without replying to a single one. You had placed your phone on the counter table of the kitchen as you headed towards the bathroom to take a shower. You prepared a bubble bath allowing the bubbles to form as you undressed. Once you stepped in the warm bath you looked up at the ceiling. You can hear your phone ringing on the counter table. The only noise in the silenced apartment. You then muffled the annoying ringing by going under the water. You stayed under the water just letting everything go careful in not stinging your eyes with the bubble bath soap. You relaxed under the water for a couple minutes holding your breath in when suddenly a hand pulls you from the neck, lifts you up the cold air hitting your bare ass, and hugs you tightly. "Y/N! Don't! I knew you would do something stupid!" You didn't hear the door opening because you were underwater when he had walked in but you opened your eyes and they widened. You wiped the water from your eyes and looked around the bathroom to see Jimin, Jungkook, Nayeon, even Suzy and Jin all with concerned looks on their faces. "Hey! Youngjae what the fuck!" You screamed your voice cracking. You had apparently lost your voice from the stunt earlier. Regardless you immediately pushed him away covering yourself by getting in the water again trying to hide your body from the boys in the room using  the bubbles. Suzy realized what you were trying to do as she grabbed a towel and covered you with it,"Hey you guys get out of here!" All the boys finally realizing what is going on gets flustered, especially Jungkook, and scurries out of the bathroom. "Thank you..." Suzy gave a sweet smile,"We'll wait outside you can get dressed and explain yourself." You nodded as she and Nayeon left the bathroom. After putting on some clothes you walked outside. You looked at your brother who was wet from the thing he had pulled earlier. You figured as much so you threw him a change of clothes,"Here dumbass." You said your voice raspy from the harsh screaming earlier today. "Hey! You think this is a joke?" You shook your head,"I particularly told you NOT to turn off your phone and ignore our messages and what did you do." You opened your mouth,"Just that..." Your voice being barely audible towards the end of your sentence. Youngjae the took off his shirt and put on the hoodie,"What happened to your voice?" You shrugged,"Who knows." He scoffed,"Y/N stop acting so tough. What were you trying to do pulling that shit?" You shook your head,"It wasn't what you were thinking." You looked at all of them,"I wouldn't do something so stupid." Youngjae scoffed again,"With your I'll die anyways attitude you expect me to believe that?" You bit your lip,"You know I've changed since I found a passion for photography...I was just relaxing...the cellphone ringing was annoying so I stayed under water for a while.Besides who barges in while a girl is taking a bath!" "Why did you have the bathroom door unlocked in the first place!?" You shrugged,"Force of habit. I live alone. You're lucky you didn't see me walking around naked." Nayeon laughed a little. "Isn't that kind of a bad habit for a girl to have?" Jin said from the back and you looked at him,"Well who are you to tell me what a girl should and should not do?" He cleared his throat and put his hands up as if though surrendering,"Got me there." Youngjae then cleared his throat and looked down,"Mom isn't going to let this pass..." Your eyes widened,"You told her! I already told you it wasn't like that!" "Be it may...she wants me to watch over you for a while. I was in your room earlier and the med--" "We'll discuss that later when they're gone okay?" You glared at your older brother as you motioned for the people in the room,"But what does that mean? You'll live here?" He nodded,"Yes." "I have no room." He laughed,"Ill sleep here sweet sister." He said while patting the couch. You scoffed,"No you won't. I'm going to continue living alone. That's a condition I had remember?" He shook his head firmly,"But under the condition you'd take care of yourself. He then motioned to your bedroom,"Seeing all that doesn't make it seem so." You bit your bottom lip as you sighed and nodded,"No. I don't want to. And that happened because I was too busy preparing for the exhibit." Youngjae sighed," If mom finds out she'll take all this away so just let me live here. Or would it be better if you just had a roommate? BUT you have to tell them EVERYTHING." You sighed,"Just let me live ALONE." He shook his head,"Mom won't have it." "Okay I'll put out an ad for a roommate." "Then I'll apply." Everyone turned to Jungkook,"Im worried about you Y/N." You sighed. "Okay fine Jungkook but if you ever bring a girl over please don't be too loud I work late sometimes and I need focus." Jungkook turned red and you laughed,"I guess I don't have to worry about anything." Jin then cleared his throat,"Is it a good idea for her to have a male roommate?" You rolled your eyes at Jin,"Im an adult. Who I have sex with does not concern anyone but me and Person B." Jungkook turned even more red,"I don't have that kind of intention towards her anyways. I like girls my age or older. Not the type to go after younger girls." You stuck your tongue out,"Its okay I love older guys but I'll keep myself in check for you." Jimin laughed,"Why're you talking like you have experience. You just got your first kiss from Jin and all of a sudden your experienced?" You grabbed a pillow from the couch and threw it at Jimin taking note of the small smirk Jin gave. "Who told you he was my first kiss?" Jimin laughed,"You reaction pretty much confirmed it hun. And I've known you since we were babies. You would've told me about your first kiss." You turned red. Your cheeks felt warm so you put your hands on them your cold hands immediately cooling them,"Whatever. Jungkook your my new roommate." Youngjae cleared his throat and sat up," I'll call mom. Y/N you have to tell Jungkook." You nodded as you led everyone to the door,"Okay. Okay. I got it. I'll see you guys tomorrow." Now it was just you and Jungkook. "Tell me wha--?" "I'm sick JK..."