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So fam, are you prepares to have your bias list wrecked??? Welp..........if not......then sorry!!! Wonho is prepared to swerve right into ya lane, so get ready! Comment down below if you survived or not and your bias list is still entact! begin the wrecking I have a special gift, just for you guys!!!!!
Now...onto the good stuff!!!!

If you have survived, then bravo! But, don't think you shall get lucky next time, Wonho shall wreck the bias lists soon
The Fighters League- @KaiLuhan4Ever(mod) - Minhyuk @crookedshadow -Kihyun @Changkyunie - I.M @yehetmyohorat97 - Jooheon @AlexisJ15 - Wonho
He's already my bias wrecker! He's too much! *sigh*
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@Helixx I'll add you, I thought you where on there
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Omg those abs.
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