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馃槀 Kpop Memes 馃槀: Part 131
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whats an in-n-out? why is jonghup saying a dance of 6?
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In-n-Out is a really delicious and famous hamburger/fast food joint based in California :)
8 months ago
it honestly pains me that so many people have made Bambam so uncomfortable online. he was just sharing to the world the love he has for marks father, and how well he treats him and the other got7 members. Bambam didnt have a father his whole childhood, so this was an amazing thing to him. for these people to say such things, and make him that makes me cry.
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Honestly, what's even worse in my opinion is when people straight up sexualize NCT Dream. Like, no. Let the babies be babies. I went off on someone on Jisung's *15th birthday*, cuz she came at him like that.
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The last two had me cracking up!!
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that shit with BamBam had me ready to 3 Stooges slap some hoes
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