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That tweet about 18+ stans is so true! I'm 21 and some people are like "aren't you a little too old to like a boy band?" "Ugh no bitch! Not when they are the same age or a few years older than me (kookie is different. Can't touch that with a baseball bat)."
1. the bitch that joked Jimin can fight me, that shit ain't cute or funny and if Jimin saw it he would probably get upset 2. none of those idols are ugly (like hell all of Block B is ugly)
I will fite whoever made that "I'm ugly but my fans love me anyways" one. >.>
The Jimin leg stretching one had me rolling.
I dont understand the the Jimin joke about fingers in your throat after eating a crumb, why is it bad? And whats the punch line?
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ooohhh so its making fun of him by joking about bulimia.... thats not cool at all...