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So, it was merely a week or more ago that Cross Gene announced their comeback, Mirror, to be dropped in a few days (Feb 8). I'm super excited cause the concept is going to be dark. Each day, they are doing their part in driving me crazy with their 1 sec mv teasers and photos.
1) Black or White
2) Black Mind
3) White Mind
4) A Guide to Romance ♡•♡

During an article, they stated that they were going to have a Good Version & Bad Version (Black and White)

White Mind: Good guys Shin, Sangmin, and Yongseok will be the center of the song.

All the Yeeeaaaaases in the history of Yessims. . .

The next set of Teasers to coincide Black Mind show a reverse role. Each of the boys switched from good to evil, and vice versa.

This is making me super Excited! I have never anticipated my death like I am now.

In case you missed the Song when it was released, you can check it out here:

I love it, It's definitely different! I really love the team ideas, and How Sangmin, Shin, and Yongseok voices go together.

Super Excited for this! Stay tuned for more information as it is released!

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