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It started with the Cronut, an unholy mongrel of croissant and doughnut. Then followed the townie (a tartlet crossed with a brownie) and the brookie (a blend of brownies and cookies endorsed by Martha Stewart, no less). Oh, and there's also the muffle (muffin plus waffle), the crookie (croissant, meet cookie) and the macanut (a macaroon-doughnut fusion). Now we have the Duffin, a doughnut-muffin compound that captured headlines after it was trademarked by a Starbucks supplier, despite having been produced by an independent London tearoom for the past couple of years. Portmanteau bakery, it seems, is everywhere. Even BuzzFeed, the ne plus ultra of modishness, is suggesting new alternatives.
this looks so good
have you tried it?
yeah I have its amazing
They look delicious! I've never had one. :/
well i might go to NY to try em