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Second up is none other than -
Nayeon (Im Na Yeon)
Nayeon is the lead vocalist in the group and is also the Eldest in the group. She has been with JYP since 2010 and started her career with modeling and endorsements. Like Jihyo does Nayeon also knows several other people in different groups. She’s close with the members of BlackPink, Got7 and Beast since she did commercials with a few of them.

A few facts about her
Nayeon’s hometown in Seoul, South Korea.
Nayeon made an appearance in an episode of ‘Dream High 2’
Her favorite tv show is ‘The return of Superman.
She had been voted as the 2nd most adorable idol on the show ‘Pop in Seoul’
Even before she debuted with Twice she had her own fan club
Nayeon is really good at remembering choreographies.
Her favorite genre of music is Ballads

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Omg i LOVE her!! ♡