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As you might know, for lunar new year I visited some islands off the southern coast of Korea.

Because they are islands, they're known for their fresh seafood and most of their traditional dishes involve some kind of ingredient from the sea!

For most of my meals I grabbed snacks from convenience stores to save money, but I had one large meal during my stay. That was: 성게비빔밥 (seong-ge bibimbap)
Now, most of you know what bibimbap is! Rice with a ton of veggies and most often beef and an egg on top. Mix it up with some hot sauce and you've got one delicious meal.

But seongge bibimbap is a little different - it has seongge in it!

What is seongge? Well...

It's sea urchin!

It looks like little orange tongues right? Well, the taste is pretty unique (literally tastes like the ocean lol) but when mixed with hot rice its amazing!

So I sat down at a restaurant right by the water and dug in :)
I was given tons of side dishes, a pot (all to myself!) of mussels, and the bibimbap. The bibimbap was just rice, some cabbage, lots of seaweed, and sea urchin~

The sea urchin was actually mostly frozen because it sort of melts once it gets warm, so you mix in the hot rice to bring it to a nice eating temperature. At first I only used half of the rice (because I was given so much food!) but the sea taste was a little overwhelming. Once I added all the rice it tasted perfect :)

Have you guys ever tried sea urchin?

It looks really good. I still haven't tried 비빔밥 before, and I'm hoping to cross that off my list of Asian foods try soon 😆
I would definitely try it!
sounds good, would definitely try it