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Hello Royal Family! Its Melissa with Boys Republic 10 days Song Challenge Winner. Before announcing our winner, I want to thank everyone who participate in our challenge. I really had a good time with this. I hope you all did too. We will be having another challenge after Valentine's. So be on the look out for that. Now for our winner...
Our Winner is @EvilGenius! For having the most right answers, you are our winner! Congratulations!
Here are the answers for our song challenge:
Day 1- Hello
Day 2- Video Game
Day 3- The real one
Day 4- You are Special
Day 5- Party Rock
Day 6- Us Two/ OneJunn & Siyeon
Day 7- Candle Love
Day 8- L.I.U.
Day 9- A song for you
Day 10- Get Down
Congratulations again @EvilGenius! You have a choice for your prize.
The prizes are:
Bias spam
Bias Wallpapers
Bias slideshow video
Bias one shot
Bias planner and journal desk set (which includes a planner, journal with pens and pencils)

Since you did so good, I'm going to let you chose two prizes! Just let us know what you would like so we can have it ready soon. Let's all take the time to congratulate @EvilGenius on her win!

Congratulations @EvilGenius!!!!!!! Good job!!!
@EvilGenius Cool! Just PM and we can go over details about the Planner and journal desk set 😊 Thank you for playing 😊
Congrats!! πŸŽ‰
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