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Omy This is like a two in one lol. I have a smutty angst all ready for you featuring our very own Jimin. He was just such a bad boy it fit him somehow.

Warning Smut!

"Jimin what are you doing!" I exclaimed when he walked in the door and stalked over to me. The look in his eyes was so lustful when he approached me. He didn't say anything as he approached me. His arm shot out next to me. I could see the veins on his forearm. My dirty mind wanted me to run my tongue over those veins and wrap my fingers around his muscles.

I was just about to go to bed, I had been walking to my room when Jimin came into my apartment. He had his own key to my place letting him come and go as he pleased.
Jimin was my best friends, my roommates boyfriend. Bella wasn't here though, I was alone for the night.
I knew I shouldn't be fantasizing about her boyfriend, but god he was gorgeous. He was also always half dressed when he was here, like that hadn't already made me think about him. Now he stood before me boxing me in between the wall and his body.

"Bella isn't here" the words stumbled out of my mouth.
"I know" he growled.
"Uhm then why are you?" I asked dabbing at my dry lips. I bit my bottom lip and looked away from him.
His other hand came up to touch my chin and make me look back at him. His eyes were focused on my lips.
"You need to back up before I do something" I warned him.
"What do you want to do to me?" His voice was barely a whisper.
"You're my best friends boyfriend. I can't" I said. It was met with his chuckle. His eyes never
left my lips. I watched like a slow movie as he leaned in and kissed me. It wasn't a little kiss, or a peck, it was a full blown kiss. His tongue tangled with mine, his mouth devoured mine.
When he pulled away he left me gasping for air.
"I'm not with her anymore" Jimin said.
"No?" I breathed out.
"Yes." He said.
"Good, cause I would have felt awful about what we just did" I sighed.
"And what we're going to do" he grinned.

As his arm wrapped around me. I moved off the wall, wrapped my legs around his waist and i kissed him back. Jimin walked with me wrapped around him, his hands holding onto my butt. He set my down on the bed and took a step back.
With a swift move he ripped his T-shirt off his body. I watched dazzled by the sight. Oh did that make my insides tighten. Before he could move I pulled my own shirt off leaving me bare from the waist up.
"God I want you" he said as he stepped forward.
"I want to ride you" I moaned.
"Do you now" he chuckled.
Removing his pants he stood in front of me naked. My mouth watered at the sight of him.
He moved to sit on the bed next to me. It was my turn, I stood in front of him and shimmied out of my yoga pants and undies. I didn't let him focus too much on my body as I climbed ontop of him.
"Condom" he said reminding me.

Looking for a condom I thought of the unused ones in my night stand, along with all my other sexy items. I forgot about that until I opened up the draw and grabbed the foil square.
"What's this now?" Jimin questioned devilishly as he grabbed ahold of the hot pink vibrator. A blush tinted my cheeks
"Nothing" I said making a grab for it. Jimin was looking at it and turned the black knob at the bottom which made it start vibrating.
I watched his face as a slow grin appeared on his face.
"I want to play with this" he said. The way he said that sounded so erotic, I couldn't help myself as I rocked on his cock. I wanted him in me.

Jimin took the vibrator, he trailed it against his abdomen until it reached the tip of his cock. He circled it around the base of his cock as I watched, my eyes couldn't leave the sight of him playing with himself. Once, twice, three times he did it before he let out a shiver. I watched precum come out of his tip. I dabbed at my lips with my tongue. If he wanted to play with the vibrator on himself, I was okay with that, it was erotic. He slid it between the lips of my pussy and his ball sack.

" Oh Jimin Jimin" I breathed out as the toy sent tingles through me.
"You want to come?" He asked.
"Yes please yes" I moaned as I wiggled on top of him.
He moved the vibrator back and forth making my pussy wet.

He removed the vibrator turning it off and throwing it somewhere, Jimin flipped me over onto my back and all of a sudden he was on top of me.
"U/N I'm going. To fuck you so hard you will see stars" Jimin said as he entered me in one swift move.
He pounded into me until I came, but he didn't stop, his hands were wrapped around each of my breasts as he sent me over the edge and further.
"Ah U/N!" He shouted as he came hard.
Removing himself he took the condom off and tied it before throwing it on the ground.
"I'm not done with you yet" he growled as he lowered himself until his mouth was level with my pussy. I was dripping and his tongue dabbed out licking his lips before he dived in and started to lick my pussy, he was eating me out and it felt amazing. With how raw I felt the sensation, every little thing he did with his tongue sent spasms up my body. I moaned.

"Jimin. Oh Jimin" I moaned.
I came against his tongue. He still was licking and eating me out. I was squirming under his touch. My hand found the back of his head, his soft locks of hair, I tangled my hand in his hair and grabbed a fistful forcing him to delve deeper.
I felt something else enter me. He was using his fingers now and was finger fucking me as he moved his lips off my pussy and just to the side, he was sucking on my hip and then I felt his teeth bite into my flesh.
"Oh" a puff of air came out of me as I melted. I came again after several more thrusts of his fingers.
I was spent. I laid there trying to catch my breath.
"You taste so good" he mumbled as he moved up on the bed and laid next to me. He was spent too.

After what seemed like a long time I finally turned to face him.
"Jimin" I said his name.
"Hmm" he had his eyes closed.
"Why did you break up with Bella?" I asked him he let out a chuckle.
"Because my feelings weren't as intense as they were when I'm around you" he said.
I stayed silent, processing his words. Jimin opened his eyes and looked at me.
"I've been fantasizing about you lately and finally decided I needed to act on my feelings" he said. My heart kept. What did that mean.
"I've been spending more time with you U/N then her. Hadn't you noticed?" He asked looking at me.
"I didn't want to come between you too" I told him.
"But you did. I like spending time with you. Your goofy self as we play video games, and when I would catch you dancing in your underwear in the middle of the night when you think no one is awake" he said. I couldn't help the blush tinting my face
"Oh you saw that" I turned away.
"U/N. I love you. I want this to be the beginning" he confessed. My heart was caught in my throat.
"Do you not care for me?" He questioned making me laugh spontaneously.
"I think this kind of proved I do. We just fucked even though I know you're my best friend's ex" I answered.
"Good" he said. "And she knows. She knows I started liking you" his arm laid against my stomach, just laying there.
"Oh. Is she mad?" I asked.
"No, she was using me for sex. You know we we're fuck buddies right?" He chuckled.
Oh My God!
"No" I said.
"She eased up after I told her I liked someone. I told her last night it was you" he confessed again.
"Jimin, I love you too" I said.

I hope you liked Jimin. hehe he was a bad boy but oo he seems like one for toys in the bedroom.
Now who is up next?! Tae? Yoongi? Kooki? Hobi?
asdfghjkl WHAT IS THIS!!! 😱😱😱*flaps arm like 100 times* why just why did you have to stop at such a good part!!😭😭i wanna know what jimin does ughhhh i wanna know if they are together or not omo what if jimin lied so he could get into her pants😱😱😱😱nuuuuuuu~!!!!!! what the what?!!?!?? to much to much 😭😭
GREAT SCOTT DAMNIT!! That was hot!
Tae!!!!! but holy moly not what I was expecting for Jimin but hot damn hotness
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