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This is one card for this Feb event that we have going on. Please enjoy.

This my Confession to You Oppa To Jung Kiseok
I may have not liked you for very long. I have heard of you once or twice before. But when I seen you on running man with Yonghwa and you guys were in Busan. That is when you basically stole a part of me. That I went and watched most of the shows you was on from back in the day to some recent ones. I fell for that voice. I love that smile. Your songs grew on me. I may not know Korean very well or barely in my case. But I get the feelings from it. I love how you are who you are and you don't really care to hide anything. And I like that. I am glad that you get to be you. That laugh, that smile, that voice and just you stole a piece of my heart. Love that one fan who may never be noticed!

well i will go crawl in to a corner and hide now. ok bye

NOOOOO!!! No hiding allowed!!!. And I Love It!! ❤❤😁😁
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@MarrickeJ33 smack his butt lol
just same about everything
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@Jaysbae13 oh well sorry about that lol