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Hello lovelies, Jasmyn here. I know it's technically not my official day to post about Yuto on Wednesdays, but I have the next part for my Yuyan fanfic to upload so here I am.
Okay, so here's the newest part!
“So you’re saying he was only taking me out because of a bet?” “Yes.” “So everything we did was a bet?” “Yes.” “Both dates?” “Both?” “Yes, he took me on two dates. One at the amusement park and one at the boardwalk.” “He took you out twice?” “Yes. So you’re saying it was all a lie and he never loved me?” “Well, I wouldn’t say that. I saw the way he looked at you.” “He’s a great actor isn’t he. He actually made me believe he liked me.” “Well it would appear that he liked you enough to take you out twice.” “It could’ve meant nothing to him.” “Did he kiss you?” Yanan looked away from Hwitaek awkwardly as his face reddened significantly. “Oh my god he did!” “So what if he did?” “He obviously has feelings for you if he did.” “It could’ve meant nothing.” “Hold on I got a text from Hyojong.” Hyojong quickly turned away to check his messages and then turned back to Yanan with a huge smile on his face. “Okay, so Hyojong just texted me and said that Yuto told him he likes you and that he’s coming to apologize.” “For taking the money?” “Hyojong said he didn’t take it.” “He didn’t?” “Nope, he even refused to take you out for the money. He said you were worth more than that.” “So he didn’t take the money?” “No, he also said that he took you out because Hyojong asked him to and he liked you when Hyojong asked so he said yes, after refusing the money of course.” "So he does like me?" "Yes." "And he's coming to apologize to me?" "Yes." "O-ok." "Yeah." "Do I look okay?" "Why should it matter?" "Because, I don't want to look bad for him." "You look fine." "Can I play a trick on him? Like I already forgave him, but can I yell at him and pretend I hate him or is that too harsh?" "And being offered money to date you isn't?" "Fair point." ////////
This kept getting messed up so I deleted half and I'll update the next part later.
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This is funny and cute.