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So this chapter is so...intense...like seriously LOL
This is another outside the diary and this chapter is SUPER IMPORTANT. You all shall get some answers...and will be in a rollercoaster of emotions. LOL. Enjoyyy ;)

Need a recap? Or new to the story? I gotchu~

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Outside the Diary 2

IU was exhausted. After staying up all night reading Arya's diary and copying pages of it, she could barely keep her eyes open. But, even though she should have been grumpy, she was shining brighter than ever.

She headed earlier to the company the next morning and brought what must have been hundreds of copies of the entries and started to place them all around the walls, the practice rooms...everywhere.

There was not an empty space on the wall that was free from IU's handiwork. After at least two hours of taping them all over, her hands were empty and she was satisfied. She could not wait to see other people's faces and more importantly, her face.

It has always been a curious thing, IU's hatred for Arya. But she thinks that everything she has done is with reason. And it's all because of what happened a little over a month ago...

November 13th, 2013

IU, Arya, and the other back-up dancers had just finished performing and they were all satisfied with their performance. But there was only one person IU wanted to see after an insane day. Her boyfriend - Yongguk.

She searched for him after the performance and when she spotted him she instantly ran. She grabbed onto his shoulder and called out 'Oppa~'. He turned around to look at her and his usual happy face at her cuteness, was not there. The other members started to leave, feeling the atmosphere. IU then became confused at all this.

"Are you alright? Did something happ-"

"IU," He stopped her, waiting to finish his sentence until the rest of his members walked away. "We need to talk." IU looked into his eyes and noticed something, something that felt off.

"O-Okay, let's go to my dressing room," She mumbled, feeling strangely nervous. She led him to her dressing room and was somewhat relieved to find out that no one was in there. She sat down in one of the make-up chairs and motioned for him to sit next to her. However, he decided to sit on the sofa, directly behind her.

At this point, IU knew something was up. It was quiet between them, the atmosphere almost uncomfortable. IU cleared her throat, hoping to not sound as anxious as she was.

"So what did-"

"I think we should break up, IU." Yongguk looked down at his hands while he spoke, only daring to look at her after saying it. He watched her face change drastically. It went from sad to almost... happy. She laughed a little.

"Aigoo, you almost had me for a second there! I thought you were serious!" She kidded, hitting him on the shoulder as if it would help the situation. But when he didn't respond, her face became dark again.Β 

"Oppa..." She hesitated, almost afraid to hear it again. "Come on. Really, what is it? You can te-"

"I am serious IU. I can't do this anymore," His voice came out as a whisper, sounding more pained than anything.Β 

"W-what do you mean..." Her voice started to break as she tried to remain composed, trying to believe that this was in no way happening.Β 

"I mean..." He sighed, frustrated and exhausted. "I don't love you anymore. I never really did." He met her eyes again, and noticed that she was on the verge of tears. She wiped at her eyes, trying her best to keep the tears from coming out.

"You never loved me? T-That's a lie. You're lying..." She was in utter denial. She got up from the chair and started to pace around the room. "I mean if it was you never would have dated me. You were the one to approach me Yongguk! If you never really like me then why! WHY!" Her voice started to raise, her feelings switching to one of anger.Β 

This was the last thing he wanted. He knew that IU could get upset easily, and he wanted to handle this situation carefully, but this was the exact opposite.

"I really thought that it could work IU but... after a while, I realized that I had come to like someone else." IU stopped pacing. She turned to look at him, her eyes still watery from before.

"S-Someone el-" She stopped herself and breathed out. "Who Yongguk. Who is it." He was hesitant to answer and when IU felt this, she lashed out. "WHO?!" That startled him, and despite his every nature to tell her the truth, the actual truth, he decided to hide it. And instead... call out a name he had heard from one of his band members that had been hanging out with someone recently. He used her name a lot and Yongguk couldn't help but say it.

"Her name is Arya." He spoke softly, trying not to make her more upset than she was but it was too late. IU knew then who he was talking about and at that moment she couldn't help but feel hurt, feel betrayed. The tears that she had been holding in, spilled out, gently streaming down her face.

"Get out," She whimpered, wanting to be left alone. He then got up and realized what he had done to the girl he once did truly like, even cared for. He reached for her, wanting to comfort her in some way.


"GET. OUT." She spoke harsher, hoping that her message got across and it did. Yongguk, retracted his hand, feeling helpless. IU started to cry and he could do nothing for her. He then decided to leave, headed for the door.

What he did not expect though, was to see a girl - the one he named - behind the door. He glanced at her and quickly walked away, wanting to get away from this situation.

IU watched as he walked away and she lost it. She balled her eyes out, not caring to hold it in, or even be quiet. She was in pain. Her heart was broken. And she could only think of doing one thing. Hurting the person that was causing her all this pain. Hurting the one that broke her and Yongguk up.Β 



People started to file in one after one and IU watched them. She watched as they saw all the papers on the wall and she started to grin as she saw people laughing, taking pictures, and even looking disgusted by the entries Arya wrote.

And about an hour after the building opened up, Arya walked in.Β 

She seemed happy at first, just coming in for another day for rehearsal when she felt something was off. She noticed something weird.

She looked up from her phone as she was walking and realized that people were watching her. She felt uncomfortable. But when she saw something on the walls, she felt a pull towards it.

She went to a page and IU watched as her eyes widened in fear. Arya ran to another paper on the wall and started to lose it. She ripped the page off the wall, terrified. She then ran all over to take them down but it was too late. Too many people had seen them already.

She headed down the hall, now in tears from the humiliation and the invasion of privacy. One after one she took them down and then suddenly stopped when seeing something. She saw him. Her friend, staring at one of the pages.Β 

Her breath caught and she instantly felt the urge to run. But he heard her, and when he looked over, he looked hurt - in pain. Arya covered her mouth as she cried, trying not to be too audible.

As if her body was taking over, she started to move backwards slowly. Step by step she turned around and started to run back the way she came. He called for her, but she didn't hear him.
She blocked everything out as she ran and ran, wanting to get out and leave this place.Β 

She ran out the door and ran straight for her car. She got in and left, only wanting to get home and hide.

IU watched as all this happened, and she couldn't help but laugh, hoping that Arya felt what she felt that day. And now, knowing that the CEO would catch wind of this as well...

There was no way she was ever coming back.

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